COPD Alternative Treatments

I have a new hero today:

My COPD Hero

He wrote a very interesting blog a few days / weeks back, talking about his marathoning with Stage IV COPD.  To say I was flummoxed was an understatement.

However, in today’s blog he wrote a little bit about what made a difference in his life – a 10-month course in alternative medicines.

While I have written to him to ask for help in understanding what that means (he’s in AUS and I’m in the USA, so I’ll need to do some research to find similar options nearby), just the fact of understanding what he’s going through is giving me another alternative path to research to see if there’s more that can be done than what I’m doing.

Alternative medicines may be thought of as hokum by a number of Western Medicine experts, but I’m in the fight of my life and I am not too proud to check out everything and anything if it will allow me to remain independent and financially secure vs. going on disability.

Hopefully, I’ll hear back from him soon and get a clue about what kind of treatments he followed to see if they might work with my battered body.

Fingers crossed !

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