New Beginnings

Jo Dec 2017

Despite all the restrictions from the lawyer.

Despite the reality of breathing challenges.

Despite a tight budget and zero discipline… I made it to the Caribbean for Christmas, and am getting ready to embrace new beginnings for 2018.

I faced every challenge and persevered to win the day.

Despite the highs and lows, I am happy to put 2017 to bed in a few short hours, and see if 2018 is better.

I survived the challenge of breathing while climbing up and down stairways and across rickety plank walkways (that I *never* would have walked across, if not for my competitive nature and unwillingness to be humiliated by being unable to complete a task).  Even if I never agreed to the challenge.

I got to do the underground, hidden river swim, and I was right.  The problem was never with the swim but with the tour guide who added an hour’s plus of walking onto the schedule unnecessarily, making what should have been an easy and fun day into a challenging test of endurance.  But, I endured (even if I complained) and I had a great time on the part I signed up to try.  The other part was a hassle, but the memory of the swim will stay with me for a lifetime, and give me courage to do something similar again, if ever presented with such an opportunity.

Xcaret river swim DEC 2017

Having returned from this adventure, I spent most of today sleeping.  It’s clear that I needed sleep the most, and will be heading back to bed again soon.  Looking at my numbers for how well this trip went when comparing early December numbers to end of December numbers for steps and sleep:

Best - Worst Days for Sleeping Breathing Dec 2017

The red and white graph is the number of steps per day.

The blue and grey graph is hours of sleep per day.  (The horizon line is 8 hours, and I rarely make more than 6 hours in a 24 hour period, including naps).  And, yes, there were 3 days in a row where I got zip for sleep while also doing 8,000 plus steps per day.  Those were the days when I used my xopenex inhaler to combat the humidity and need to be alert and moving to keep up with the demands of travel.

Unfortunately, I’m in a bit of pain most days.  Moving is hard, but it’s important to keep on moving to try and work out the kinks and to keep it from getting worse.  I know well the old saying, “That which doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”, and have found that working through the pain to get the kinks out makes most things tolerable every day.

I’m thankful that my pain isn’t excruciating.

I’m thankful that my lack of sleep isn’t permanent.

I’m thankful that I manage to dig up the funds upon occasion to be able to travel and see the world, despite any challenges that I may have in dealing with daily life.

Despite all the challenges and frustrations with the lawyers for 2017, it’s ending on a high note and I’m hopeful that being defiant will continue to work for me in continuing this journey through to 2018.  And that my funds will hold out to make more adventures possible.

Whatever you’re reviewing as you close out 2017, I hope your plans for 2018 include following your dreams and accomplishing your goals.

Happy New Year !