CFRA = No income during leave

Ok, I finally begin to see the light.  The insurance company is being such a dick because they can.  Apparently, we have a third option in California (of which I was unaware) which allows me to leave my job during illness, but which also allows my employer to refuse to pay the benefits as outlined in the employee handbook.


CFRA Unpaid Leave Explanation

It’s not good news at all, but it’s an explanation that needs my attention.

This also sets up a renewed sense of timetable urgency to try and nail down options within the next 12 weeks, before they can terminate me (since I’m already through the first month without a paycheck).

No Paycheck Calendar

What this really means, though is that while the 401K funds may keep me functional longer, I have to be serious to wrap this up by December 31st or things could get ugly.

So, in addition to looking at options for alternative treatments, I also need to be looking at apartments and such to reduce my expenses down to the bone.

Fun, fun, fun.

And you?  What interesting thing did you learn recently that turned out not to be a good idea?

5 thoughts on “CFRA = No income during leave

  1. What? Please expand on your comment, as I don’t understand it. If you mean, I need to sign up for a physical therapy program – great minds think alike. I’m in the process of meeting with a physio a.s.a.p. to see if he can do something about the pain I’m in.

    Don’t know what that will do about the no income topic, though. What am I missing?

    Hope you’re having a good day.


    1. Sorry! I was responding to the last line of your blog: “And you? What interesting thing did you learn recently that turned out not to be a good idea?” I was NOT PLEASED by my encounter with the PT yesterday…it was a lot of pain and thrashing about, plus more pain and I was so tired when I got home I fell asleep. Messed up my self-imposed rule about not sleeping in the day because then I wake up at 3 a.m. and am unable to go back to sleep for a long time. Happened too. It just wasn’t what I was hoping for, but I realize it’s necessary if I’m to gain back any semblence of walking normally again.

      The no income thing is a horror everyone who is trying for disability faces. Hubby and I had to endure close to a year without my income at all (my employer had no such option and no ethics about not paying me anything. I almost had to get legal representation to even get my money out of their 401K. And yeah I paid the penalty for early withdrawal, but in subsequent view it was the best choice. A spy in their camp (if you will – aka former good friend who still works there) said after I was gone and I did that wholesale wresting of my money from their fist – that they changed the policy to something like your company sounds like it has…where one cannot remove all the money they may have accumulated. They can take a percentage only. I was terrified every single day of that twelve month period too. We looked into bankruptcy (again), we lost our car, we almost lost our home. The money from my 401K was gone in a flash to keep us afloat during that horrible time. It’s not easy to do this my friend, but (to me anyway), it’s worth it. Plus it gives your faith in whatever power you might believe in a helluva good work out. I found God during that time and that (to me) was worth any money. But I do understand your terror at the thought of homelessness and unemployable status if it came to that. You know you always have a place here if you need it, but I think the environment would be a bit too dry and filled with pollen for your particular needs. But you don’t ever need to think you’d be abandoned and without friends. And a place to stay. Change is uncomfortable and scary. But I know you’re strong and you’ll come through. I have faith in YOU.

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  2. Thank you so much – that explanation made much more sense, especially as I’m, too, being sent to a physical therapist. Oh, joy !

    At the end of the day, I can quit my job (so that they can’t keep me from my 401K money – I already went through something like this with the big fruit company) and do something else. Until that point, though, I’m thinking that a life counselor will help to give me outside perspective about what’s reasonable.

    Especially since I just found out someone with Stage IV of my disease runs marathons. You have got to be kidding me ! But, bravo to him. Now, if I can get me some of that stamina, somewhere…

    … then no one will have to worry about me being homeless or moving in with them, LOL.


  3. Meanwhile, ShyUTGal, did you go back to PT today, and do you feel amy better? Is it getting any easier? I’m leaving soon for my evening swim class (since I missed the day class) and just wondered if a few hiurs delay as the day progresses has you feeling any better.


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