SP02 Measurement Success

I’ve purchased the Wellue SP02 FDA-approved continuous oxygen saturation meter.

While it’s anything but continuous, only able to record for up to 10 hours at a time, it’s certainly better than anything else I’ve seen or used to give me actionable data. Having to recharge every 10 hours is pathetic, but I love the data I’m getting access to for sharing with my doctor, feeling my best with “breathe!” reminders when my ox sat numbers drop below 92% and my thumb vibrates.


This weekend with the Wellue was world’s better than two weeks ago with the fitbit Charge 4 that didn’t do even the basic data capture for 3 days, never mind providing high and low graphs.

The following my data from the first 3 days of use, and I have to say that I’m very impressed.

So much more helpful than just this after 3 days and nights of wearing the fitbit Charge 4:

Got to say that Wellue wins this hands down, even if the stupid ring makes me feel like King Tut or some crazy potentate, it’s so bulky, LOL.

Still loving my Fitbit Alta, as I wrote about in 2017. It doesn’t give me SP02 measurements, but does a great job with other helpful fitness stats. Coach fittie is still my wellness first love.

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