Early Morning

Good morning. Happy Sunday. The first photo reminds me of glorious sunrises in Maine, so I had to share. There are times I miss my New England home desperately, and pictures help with the homesickness.

In the second photo, you get another nostalgia post about Summers spent on Cape Cod, MA, and Seabrooke, NH, when the air would be slightly moist and chilly, the clouds hadn’t yet burned off to welcome the hot, hot Summer sun, and the lace curtains were all the illusion of privacy you had between beach shacks built 10 feet apart from each other. That’s what this image of morning glories outside my bedroom window brings to me.

Families saved up their pennies to afford 2 weeks at the beach, and there were Grandmas and Grandpas, Moms and Dads, kids, cousins and Aunts and Uncles all crammed under one roof, rotating beds and company for a few days as everybody took a break from their routine to share the beach and renew family ties with the main core that had rented the house to share.

Parents rotated in and out, getting a 2 week break from their kids, and extended family members got to treat everyone to nights at the carnival playing skee ball or watching the fireworks, winning stuffed toys playing darts, or sitting around the BBQ by the pool area, making s’mores for the kids to enjoy as they dried off from their last swim before bedtime.

I may live in a Summer Camp for old people, but the feeling living here brings me is right back to treasured memories of my childhood, where adventure lived right around the corner or down the block and everyone was happy to make new friends and have fun.

3 thoughts on “Early Morning

  1. That’s beautiful J! Both the photos and the thoughts! You’ve made your little corner of the Summer Camp more beautiful because you care about your home and have added beauty to it. Both in redoing the interior, and planting and placing gorgeous things around the outside. Thanks for sharing a beautiful Sunday morning! I did read, I just got hit with the ‘I’m exhaused’ bag again, and haven’t been able to comment until now. ☺

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  2. No worries, Melanie. I know that beastly “I’m exhausted” bug way too well and can sympathize. Take care of you first. I’m always around when it works for you. That’s the glories of using the internet. Hugs.


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