Hope on the horizon?

Jo Quanrantine 2020

The houseguest has a lead on subsidized housing, and an interview on June 9th.  Please, please, please – for anyone who believes in some type of higher power – I’d appreciate prayers to all the Gods or powers-that-be to help her get chosen for this apartment and OUT OF MY HOME !

I will continue to house her as long as necessary, but the longer this shelter-in-place goes on, the more the friction increases…

Since everything I have to say involves b*tching and moaning for the most part, I’ll continue to keep my distance from blogging as I am on my very last nerve.

I hope you’re all staying healthy and sheltering-in-place in comfort.

2 thoughts on “Hope on the horizon?

  1. Yes, I’m staying well. I’m busy stealing wildflowers from the sides of the road, and trying to get lupines and hollyhocks planted so that they will reappear naturally next year and thereafter. Not always successful in getting to the replanting in a timely manner, but most of them are getting into the ground.

    Also found a can of California poppy seeds, that I will begin sprinkling along the disturbed garden beds in the hope that they will take root and reappear year after year.

    Next up, the goldfish in the kiddie pool are still alive. The iris bulbs are on order. I’m hoping to build a small fishpond with a metal water trough and a solar fountain in the back yard – we’ll see if I’m able to pull it off at some point this Summer.

    The more time I spend out of the house, the better it is for the both of us. She’s invited her brother to join her for lunch today in defiance of the shelter-in-place restrictions (OMG !) and you can’t eat lunch with a facemask on, so I’m just shaking my head in gratitude that she DIDN’T go visit her kids for Mother’s Day in order to keep us both healthy and safe, and yet she’s got this whole, “You’re not the boss of me!” mentality causing her to invite her brother over today. There is no talking to her. She just cannot practice common sense given both of our health issues, so I’m biting my tongue and trying to not fight.

    Meanwhile, from your lips to God’s ears about this housing unit. I’m hoping she gets this studio apartment, as now she’s telling me she wants “more than a studio” and wants a balcony or a garden unit, and I’m having to remind her that those choices come AFTER she has her own place. Once you’re in the system, you can get on the wait list to upgrade your living choices (provided you can afford the subsidized rent cost increases), but this place is going to be $550 a month, and I believe she only gets $600 a month total, so it’s going to be a hard sell to get her into this unit at all.

    Hoping for the best, and praying that she’s out of my house soon, but the reality is that she has very few options, and she can screw it up if she’s not happy to take whatever private apartment living situation that they are willing to rent to her.


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