Pressure Cooker


I published someone else’s words earlier this week as a cross-reference to this post.  “Martyrdom Virtue”.

In reading through the homily from one of my friends about how their god finds them by the virtue of their labors in keeping the home fires burning, it just pissed me off.

So much passive-aggressive martyrdom, and for what purpose?

If god exists, won’t he find me even if I choose to sit and vegetate?  Why must my life and my value as a female be weighed against my sacrifice?

Contrasting all those thoughts with the war I’m quietly waging with the houseguest as she takes over my home, I think I’m taking Cindy’s viewpoint of the never-ending drudgery.  It’s not virtuous, it’s indentured servitude, and I didn’t sign up to live this way.

I want my miracle, with the houseguest finding her own place and leaving me in peace !  If god requires a martyr, then he’s come to the wrong house.

2 thoughts on “Pressure Cooker

  1. Whomsoever is spouting that ‘you have to earn your way to God (heaven): is full of shit. The Mormons (LDS) were big on that whole earning ‘points’ business until someone with good common sense pointed out that Jesus never asked anyone to ‘do’ things to earn His favor and help. Keep on scrubbin’ those tiles (because it’ll keep that damned virus further from your door, especially if your ‘guest’ is dragging all sorts of crap home with her. I have several ideas on what to do about the ‘guest’, but I won’t share them. You’re a ton more compassionate and understanding than I’d be in your shoes. But I’m pretty passive aggressive myself and your guest would find it unpleasant to stay if she were mine.

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  2. I hear you, but I find the amount of aggravation I must allow to build up to be able take a stand when the other person is using, “Who? Me?” tactics gets old. Her response to my request that she put the sign back up or store it in her closet was met with a passive, “Oh, I didn’t realize it bothered you.”

    Ha !

    Anyway, Sparks, we got through today’s skirmish and we’ll see what she choses next to be provocative about.
    Your kind support is appreciated, as always.


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