Hello. I’m still here.


Still struggling with my attitude problem, my money being drained five minutes after I get paid, and my 2012 Kia Soul not selling.

So, there’s been a lot of me and the fur-coated diva on the couch, napping, in between lots of driving back and forth to the heart of Silicon Valley (about a 60 to 100 mile round trip, depending on where we end up walking, and whatever errands need to be run).

I think the money is disappearing so fast because of my poor money management, and all the gas for the extra trips, but I’m not sure if I’m lying to myself or not.  We’ll see how this next paycheck goes.

I’m also doing a lot of thinking about how to fix a running toilet:


…and trying not to let my success with fixing the washing machine earlier this year go to my head !  To fix the toilet I must first take apart the bathroom cabinet / towel storage system (yet another daunting distraction), and with the house in various states of projects, I’m just overwhelmed with the clutter.

Did I ever tell you how much I hate home ownership and its related maintenance duties?

I first grew up in a 200 year old farm house constantly in a state of repair and strip-the-walls-down-to-the-studs “improvements”.  After my parents divorce, I finished growing up in a cottage style house that was always being renovated and reinforced against the always-pending storms.  Rain, Snow, Hurricanes, Nor’easters…

The cottage had an incredible mold / mildew problem due to it being a 1950’s era tract box, with very little insulation  – at least due to then-modern standards.

So, to find myself living in a mobile home built in 1976 with zip for insulation, doing my own repairs while short of breath and exhausted from lack of decent sleep is not ever an adventure I foresaw in my life.

But, it’s better than being homeless or having someone tell me I (temporarily) make too much money to be able to qualify for the construction aid programs meant to aid seniors and disabled people.

Back to today’s story, though…


Would you believe that some former owner spackeled the toilet tank lid in place??!!??

It’s moves like that which make home ownership and repairs such an adventure.

It’s still been cold or chilly a lot more than normal, which is making me wonder if I’m being lazy for getting things done or if it’s just not hot enough for me, but that’s an every day kind of musing that helps me waste time and avoid getting much of anything done between naps, LOL.

Between running my friend around doing her errands, I’m arguing with the endocrinologist.  My A1C has been in the 7.5 range for most of the Winter (bad fudge !  Bad !), but since I sent her a chart of my A1C over the last 2.5 years showing weight and medication points and sleep patterns, plus proof that I walked at least 830 miles last year and an average 80 miles a month in good weather, she’s agreed to calm down and breathe.  She’s expensive, so I didn’t want to move my appointment closer than July 9th, and she’s finally agreed to see me after some arm twisting.

I also found a Harvard Health study which wonders if tight control of the A1C in someone who has other co-morbidities is worth it, and which posits the idea that an A1C between 7 and 8 might not be unreasonable for those with chronic health issues.

Rethinking A1c goals for type 2 diabetes

In particular, I’m cherry picking this part of their conclusions:


I think I have invested enough effort in staying as well as I can, and I am not going to make myself crazy trying to regulate my blood sugars when all it does is leave me tired and short of energy.

Since I’ve stopped taking the Januvia my blood sugar has risen, but I feel better and my finances thank me for not paying $525 each month for a medicine that causes constipation and hemorrhoids, without really addressing the underlying problem.

It’s funny, though.  I started this blog about friendships and home repairs, and it digressed into another rant about health.  Go figure !

Needless to say, I’m fine and still putting one foot in front of the other.  Time to get my butt in gear and start my day.


2 thoughts on “Hello. I’m still here.

  1. I’m glad to see you writing!! Yes home ownership is a pain in the ass, and there’s the added ‘bonus’ of continual maintenance on one’s own dime. However (only my opinion, I know you don’t like your situation) there’s also the benefit of having one’s own space where some sleazebag landlord can’t raise the rent/lease without explanation and where one can live in a home without problems because that sleazebag won’t fix things. There’s always nasty neighbors in any situation (home owner or renter), but at least as a homeowner, one doesn’t have to put up with the bullshit because some sleazebag might rent to unsavory people. And as you said, at least you’re not homeless. THAT is probably the worst situation of all.

    The money thing is a phenomenon that’s hitting everyone on a ‘fixed’ income. My money is spent before I get it, and I thought I got a reasonable amount every month (still do). I did NOT factor in inflation and the corporate greed that’s become standard and causes prices to go up and up without consideration for those of us at the bottom of the boat (almost).

    You’re lucky in a way. Your health considerations have given you a time line and the doctors hopefully will lay off you on that A1C crap. Mine was 12.4 at my last visit, it was 14.7 at one point, and standard for me is 11. I don’t think I’ve EVER seen 7 or even 8, except when I was hospitalized and didn’t eat. I get chastised if I don’t eat. Hang in, it sounds like you’re doing everything and more that you can to keep yourself active and healthy. And you still have hope, which may be the best of things.

    Hang in there friend. I’m listening and I wish I could come and invade your space and just talk for a while. It’d be good for both of us in my opinion! 🙂

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  2. It would be wonderful to see you, too, and I’ve not given up hope about being able to travel to nearby National Parks while the weather is decent next year. It’s part of why I bought the new car. The existing car was reliable, but I appreciate the 100,000 mile warranty when taking a road trip like that.

    Now, if only we could both win the lottery !

    Thanks for visiting, as always.

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