Playing well with others is an important skill to have.  Unfortunately, others often come with germs, which are my kryptonite.

Thrilled to have gotten out last night.


But, I was next to a germ-filled and shedding everywhere young woman who should have stayed home.  She was miserable, but determined, and now I am miserable but resigned.

I got some chicken noodle soup in me before going to bed last night.  While it helped me feel a bit more comfortable for sleeping, the end result is the same.  There’s not enough soup or kleenex in the world right now, and I’m freezing again.

The crowd was huge, over 12,000 people.


The night was cold, but tolerable for walking to and from the venue from cheaper parking.  I only had to slow R down a few times from walking too fast, and I got through the broken elevators and not-to-be-taken stairs with the aid of pursed lip breathing and climbing slowly and steadily.

Got to see some new talent – Gina Buillon:


And some existing talent – Alfred Robles:


While I missed Marteeeen! Moreno, I escaped my tin can home for a few hours, which is always a blessing.

Whatever you’re doing today, I hope you make time to get out and about with some good friends.  Congenial traveling companions as we make our way through life are essential to the quality of that same life, and it looks like Gabriel is still the master of making work look like he’s having fun.





2 thoughts on “Others

  1. Sounds like a good evening, despite Ms. Plague bearer 2019…. I don’t know WHY those idiots don’t at least wear a mask over their mugs if they’re that sick. Or stay at home, as you suggested. Gabriel will be back again, it’s not like she’s not going to get another opportunity. I’ve discovered (during my recent Bob Seger experience) that people in crowds are just as described by an author whose name escapes me … wait. It was Tommy Lee Jones in the first MIB…”A PERSON is intelligent, PEOPLE are stupid, mindless and apt to kill everyone else because that stupidity spreads.” (paraphrased obviously). I hope you got a good laugh from the comedy! And will scold those at the place the show was held for discrimination against the disabled. Which I’m sure you’d do with taste and discretion, unlike myself who tends to keep pounding the point home. I hope you’re able to keep warm. Hug Ms. Katie Cat too.

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  2. I love TLJ, and his MIB role was perfect for his attitude problems. Have you seen him in the downer, “In the Valley of Elah”? Sad movie, but his portrayal was spot on. Hard to believe that movie was released in 2007 !

    As for me, I’m doing fine but still fighting a cold / congestion / whatever. I will be so glad when this Winter is over.

    Hugs to you, and I’m glad you felt up to visiting my blog. I know you’ve been going through a lot of worries and sad news about Huny this past weekend.


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