Yes, I have way too much time on my hands in Winter.

One of our fellow bloggers, Marilyn Armstrong, has reminded me of how lucky I am to be an escapee from Massachusetts’ Wintery ice world; I haven’t thought of (or even had to consider) the existence of galoshes in years.

Given the crazy rain and flooding we can have, I *do* have a staple from my childhood, mud boots, acquired since I moved to the boonies and given the flooding our county suffered in the Winter downpours of 2016 / 2017.  But, I haven’t thought of galoshes in years.


In my case, the mud boots were an impulse buy from the local tractor supply store when I was out and about shopping for trees (I’d like a flowering almond, a dog wood, or a weeping cherry tree for that rear corner of the yard, by my neighbor’s shed).

Flowering Almond tree:


or a Dogwood tree:


Or, a Weeping Cherry:


Whatever it is that I ultimately decide to do, I want something in the far left corner of my miniscule lot, far enough away from the house to not dominate my pocket of sunshine, and yet far enough away from one neighbor’s fence line and another neighbor’s shed (a butt ugly color – kind of a pale yellow, almost a beige) to not create reasons why I *must* talk to neighbors about my tree bothering their property.

If I can find a way to make an English cottage garden thrive in drought country, without planting trees that will grow too tall to block my sunlight, AND find a way to add a small fish pond, I’m going to do it.

– after I get the skirting finished

– after I get the electrical updated to add replacement fans

– after…  etc., etc., etc.  (This whole homeownership business can fill a lot of day dream time and distract you from whatever’s going on in the real world, if you let it).


I’ve decided to put off dealing with the landscaping until I can hire someone to do it right (and handle all the heavy digging and landscaping for me).  But, I still shop and sketch and think about what I’d like to put in that corner.  And, which shopping led me to the impulse buy of mud boots.  $19.99 at the feed and tractor store.  A bargain !

When I get the crazy notion to walk the fields behind my mobile home park, those goofy boots are perfect for dealing with any mud, protecting my feet in the event of rattlesnakes, and generally making me look like a harmless doofus, so that whosever abandoned property it may be will be assured that I’m harmless should they see me on their security cameras.

That being said, though, I’m about done with Winter.  I know it doesn’t compare to anything SparksFromACombustibleMind is enduring, because I ran away from much tamer Winters than she experiences in the mountains of Utah or my Aunt can see nearby in the mountains of Nevada / Las Vegas.  But, I have had enough of being housebound.


We’re supposed to have a blood red wolf moon on Sunday night into Monday night, with a star gazing event planned to be able to get out of the house and enjoy it.  So, I’d appreciate if the storms would stop.  Please.  I’ve truly begun to turn into a mushroom, I’ve been stuck in this house so long…







2 thoughts on “Galoshes?

  1. I KNOW I meant to comment on this when I read it in January. Here it is a whole month later, and I’m just getting around to doing so. The mud boots are great!! The sort, once upon a time, I’d have chosen. Now? It’s all about the being able to get them ON, which I can’t without assistance. Enjoy them! 🙂 The winter here this year (2018-19) hasn’t been so bad (to me), it’s a normal winter for Utah. I see in hind sight (20/20 at all times of course) that moving away from Utah and to somewhere more temperate would have been the best course of action when I had that window of opportunity. My bones hurt every night, hurt so much that taking mass quantities of pills guaranteed to make me sleep are the only relief I find. Nothing to worry about, it’s ibuprofen or acetaminophen in my case and a muscle relaxer if the pain is really severe. I want to find the joy in picturing Spring and the stuff I hope I can afford to do to my ‘garden’, but right now that’s lost. So thanks for the wonderful beautiful pictures and description of your English garden. If your neighbors are idiotic enough to complain about such a gorgeous tree (which ever you may end up choosing), then they are true idiots. It’ll be beautiful. 🙂


  2. I found one neighbor chopping away at my Lilac tree (which had over grown the fence between our properties. I wish that she had contacted me first, vs. hiring someone to cut it back, as I would have done it and saved her some bucks. But, I try and be decent and know that what I enjoy may not be there cup of tea. In her case, she hates the leaves falling in her yard and so I cut it way back to my side of the fence (it’s the skinniest lilac tree you will ever see, as I’d also cut it back from the house so that I had a pathway from the shed to the garden without having to walk around the house and go into the street).

    But, I get it.

    I love the water feature / water fall in the front yard down the street, but then i would have also put koi fish in it. That neighbor wants nothing to do with the upkeep and maintenance, so it’s a straightforward waterfall / pond and nothing else.

    Everyone has their own ideas of what works best for their homes.

    I am planning to take a drive up to the Napa Iris farm in April, after I get back from my trip. We’ll see how many irises actually get planted next fall, and whether or not they will thrive.


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