Dear Dr Ruth… Part 1

Due to my willingness to talk about almost any topic, I’ve turned out to be the Dr Ruth of private messages for COPD sufferers.  REF my earlier blog:  Passages 

Often, it’s just a guy being a hound dog, so I have to be careful about pushing back and enforcing polite behavior so that my fb feed doesn’t fill up with x-rated material due to it’s ‘bots always spying on whatever you do or say, creating algorithms and links where you would otherwise prefer your privacy.  Sometimes, I end up friends with the wives and extended group of friends from the site, with multiple private chats and various conversations occurring.

Today’s private chat started way back in October, and I’m still not sure what picture this fb friend claims to have seen that matches up to something he claimed to have seen of mine on AFF, but I have always said that I will own my choices if busted on them, so I’m choosing to go public without waiting for whatever drama might hit the fact to actually hit the fan if my choices have been exposed to my family and friends as a whole.

Yes, sex is still a private issue for me, but it explains some of the background references that this fellow COPD sufferer claims to have linked despite my 9 email accounts and making every effort to keep all aspects of my life in their separate lanes so as to not embarrass anyone in my family with my personal choices overlapping from one social site to another.

(All typos are mine.  Since these are screenshots, just wade through them if you wish.  I’m not bothering to fix ’em, even if I am choosing some editing in yellow to protect other’s privacy).

01 - barry pm

02 - barry pm

03 - barry pm

04 - barry pm

05 - barry pm

06 - barry pm


So, in the lonely hours, I hear from a variety of folks either on the MyCOPDteam website, or via private messaging on fb.  Whether I’m on either site I still get sexually-oriented questions that I try to handle respectfully as everyone needs to be able to express themselves about ALL of their needs and concerns or fears, and so often the intimacy of the internet is the only place that they can go to explore the things that are of the most concern to their health and wellbeing.

Since I’m sitting here wide awake due to fear of lying down and being in pain, I get a lot of middle of the night weirdness that I try to treat in the sprit in which I feel it was intended – a call for understanding in the lonely hours of the night.


3 thoughts on “Dear Dr Ruth… Part 1

  1. We met on that second site you thoughtfully blacked out, if you recall. That’s where I got a real taste for blogging as it happens. And it’s odd to me that the wee hours (12 a.m. to say 4:30 a.m.) are the times when the strange people crawl out of the woodwork. Some of them are lonely as you say, and some are just strange. It’s odd to me a little that (and it’s always men, isn’t it?) those men feel open to hit on you in cyber time, given your statements about your FB being a G or PG place. And I know that those hours of the night (morning…whatever) bring that out in a LOT of men…hubby used to (and he didn’t think I knew). When I was working at the phone answering service (before computers and internet), those hours are the hours I’d get the weirdo calls…everything from some guy wanting phone sex and another talking dirty trying to get a shock reaction out of me (didn’t work). Then there were the drunks and the truly lonely people…also the mentally ill. From experience those hours are the worst for some of us with geraniums in our craniums…we can’t sleep. Chatting to somebody (on the phone) seemed to be a way of passing time for some.

    Well now you can truthfully say that you ARE a ‘doctor’ on line and that you don’t just play one. You’ve become a sort of Dr. Ruth…at least to that guy with the issues.

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  2. Did I ever tell you about the time I trained to be a phone sex worker as a way to make some money? I really found that job fascinating, however, the owner of the business was a thief, and kept stealing my customers, so i never got paid. After 2 weeks of putting out (it was fun, and educational), I quit the job.

    I am amazed at how many men are ready for sex at ALL hours of the day and night, LOL.

    Thanks for visiting.

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