Cossetted ?


My girlie is 10 and has developed a new ritual that is filling all of her spare time.

I assume the position on the couch, usually after cooking, and the poor dear attacks my scalp like I’m made of spun sugar or exuding sweetness from every pore.

Heaven forbid if I should wish to move or protest all the cossetting.  I’m going to be groomed whether I want it or not.


2 thoughts on “Cossetting

  1. I think ‘they’ (they being our four footed children who are short, hairy and very hard to understand except to their mummies ((us)) ) have decided we’re part of their family and need grooming (tasting, licking…which Huny does non-stop if I let her) because we’re a bit sweaty or whatever passes for non-groomed in cat (or tiny dog) logic. I LOVE these pictures and hope you keep them ’round. I also LOVED that picture of you peeping out of the blanket…. ❤ Merry Christmas J!


  2. Merry Christmas, M ! I hope you and Huny are enjoying the day, I have a pot of water with cloves in it on simmer, and my house smells wonderful despite no Christmas tree. Stay warm !


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