Rant 972

A picture is worth a thousand words.  Why, then, do so many images appear to be mis-matched with the underlying story and the personalities involved?

Today’s aggravation – a man is alleged to have done something wrong, and the imaging is about his family or his wife, as if they were somehow being held accountable for another’s choices.  For example:

Julie Chen.


(Note that the caption under her image doesn’t even give her credit for her own name).

Les Moonves.


(Note that he gets to keep his name as his image is tagged for blasting all over the internet).

But, to get back to our original topic…  Can we all see that they are different people?  That they are not interchangeable, even though they are married?

Different genders.

Different races.

Different ages.

Why then, ESPECIALLY in this day and age, does a story about an alleged philanderer show not a picture of the accused, but default to his wife?!!!


(While I am attaching a link to the article in question, I also attached a screenshot in the event that CNN realizes and corrects its wildly inappropriate imaging, whereby a man’s wife is used in imagery as a prop for her husband’s alleged infidelities.  Allegations that begin 20 years prior, long before wifey was even in the picture).


Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a fan of the “stand by your man” school of life, whereby Bill and Hillary and the media so ably demonstrated since 1998 why it’s all Hillary’s fault that Billy, good ole Billy Boy, couldn’t keep his pants zipped.


The problem I have with the Moonves scandal is, however, that very much like Clinton’s Lewinsky affair, it’s clearly his wife’s fault… given the wide variety of hits on Julie Chen’s image when one types a search engine query seeking information on Moonves.

(Go ahead, I’ll wait while you type your own query into your favorite search engine).

When we talk about powerful people, the conversation is very different based on the gender of the person being ridiculed:


We also seem to see nothing wrong with implying the women in men’s lives are willing props to whatever the man desires:


Granted, many of the images of Ivanka show her in Daddy’s lap, a willing accomplice to his ego and the purient incest fantasies which seem to run rampant in Society’s lowest common denominator memes.  But, if the woman in question hadn’t worn garment X or posed in photo X, there would not be imaging to back up the tribal, conquering hero, droit de seigneur priviledge which still seems implicit and accepted across the board for all modes of communication regardless of the relevance of the imaging to the underlying story arc – infotainment has blended so seamlessly into current affairs where malicious gossip is mistaken for news.

Anyway, I had a point before this rant began.  Something about the erasing of an accomplished woman’s career due to scandals involving her husband, but I need to go wash out my brain.  Googling images based on a topic can be quite unsettling to my mental health…



2 thoughts on “Rant 972

  1. And again I echo what I said about the Lewinsky scandal: “WHO CARES?” (not shouting at YOU but at the ‘news’ as it’s known in 2018). Ol’ Bill lying under oath? Reprehensible and wrong; Billy getting his dick licked or his cigar shoved or whatever (I didn’t pay attention to the details closely because it sickened me) was none of my $#!@^ business, and what some moral-less millionaire gets up to – even less. Your point that the WOMEN involved (the wives) who stood by and ignored the antics of their horny husbands is a valid one…in this day and age (and in 1998) we ARE NOT props to some guy. Despite our wholesale brain washing on that matter. My point of why it’s news that some idiot male got caught with his hand up the wrong skirt (as it were) has never been answered. I simply don’t care about the latest 15 minutes of fame seeker or who messes with who, as long as they aren’t doing it where it affects the general populace (i.e. me and the country). And I realize there’s probably much more to it than just the latest guy who got caught, but I’ll never know. I refuse to watch the ‘news’…it’s full of ‘stories’ like that. Now when they start reporting on the mess in the White House (factually), or how the baby boomers are getting shafted vis a vis being able to afford medication, or what sensible solution there is to the onslaught of illegals here (sensible..not some crap about babies being wrested from their mothers’ breasts nor children being tear gassed…that’s horrible, all of it certainly. But again, that problem is so much more complicated than these depressing ‘facts’ can sustain, that I’m not going to rant on your blog any more than I am already). When they (reporters and their kind) start reporting something substantial, maybe I’ll come back. But not while they’re reporting about a cum stain on some assholes’ trousers; and I don’t even know who the asshole is nor why his name is ‘news worthy”

    *Phew* My sincere apologies. I know your point was why is the wife blamed for the husbands bad deeds? Because dear, we live in 1950s Amerika. Where the WOMAN is to blame for everything. Because some a-hole hates women and happens to be on the throne at the moment.

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