6 thoughts on “Nightmares

  1. One of the harder parts of being retired is retraining your brain to not worry about stuff that used to be important but now is not. Brains aren’t happy about giving up ANYTHING like that…too bad they don’t quibble as much about the memory….

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  2. Ha ! It’s been very weird to be jolted awake, realizing that I’m worried about completing contract agreements, negotiating deals, and generally “failing” in my duties. The weirdest ones are when I’m back negotiating, thrilled with working, and then realize that I’m not supposed to be working and wondering about what the lawyers are going to do to punish me with death by paperwork. Very surreal.

    As for the whole memory component – so true, so true !

    The stuff I don’t want to know or remember is front and center, and the stuff that I’d rather remember is nowhere to be found. Crazy.

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  3. Interestingly enough, I’ve been retired for three years. I realize it’s not the same thing, not trying to compare, at all, but I still have flashbacks as well. I continue to wake up in the morning, with my mind racing to tabulate everything I need to accomplish today, because that’s how I lived for decades in my high-stress career. Then I realize that all that mess is behind me now. Isn’t it? Then I drift off for a few more minutes of slumber, and my dreams involve somebody at headquarters wanting something impossible RIGHT NOW and the cycle kicks in again… 😉

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    1. I STILL have those dreams koff koff ** NIGHTMARES ** koffity koff koff and I’ve been ‘retired’ for almost seven years now. I’ll be at my one of my jobs and I’ll a) get lost while trying to run some errand, b) come back to find my desk is cleared out and I’m working out of the janitor’s closet, c) I keep walking in circles, going up stairs and down elevators and never finding the same place twice (a form of lost, but more creepy)…I worked in a hospital (teaching hospital) for the medical school there…I’ll wake up, heart pounding and sweaty, with a concerned chihuahua frantically licking my face..

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      1. It’s crazy how disfunctional our brains are wired by our society that we cannot simply stop working and be happy to be warm, sheltered and fed. Ah, the rat race ! Capitalism at is finest, haha.


  4. Actually, it’s very much the same. To all intents and purposes, I’m retired, even though guilty honesty compels me to say “disabled” – as if the retirement police are going to chase me down over the label, haha. I miss the thrill and challenge of being a problem solver, but I’m also thankful that I was able to stop working for everyone’s safety vs. trying to keep up in the rat race and feeling like crap every day. Thanks for visiting.

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