Counting the days


Five days and counting ! Got all stressed out last night as my “check engine” light began showing on my dashboard, as my “check oil” light was also playing peekaboo, and yet I have another 150 miles before my oil change is due.

Started stressing out about driving to the show with an unreliable car (it’s only 5.5 years old ! I don’t wanna new car!) so I followed my hunch to pull into the gas station and check the oil. BONE DRY !

Of course, this liberated woman was very frustrated to find that I was too weak to unscrew the danged oil cap (What the heck?!?!??? When did that nonsense happen?!??). But, after 10 minutes of trying, and buying 2 quarts of oil, a nice young man pulled up next to me to run into the store, and was kind enough to twist off the cap when I got off my high horse long enough to ask for help. Side note: The book case that’s too heavy for me to move is still standing in my driveway as I’m still “thinking” about asking for help moving that up the stairs. Haven’t yet overcome my frustration enough to ask for help on that issue yet, either. Arghhhh!).

Anyway, since when is it now the new normal for the check engine light (a useless, vague prompt if I ever saw one) to come on BEFORE the check oil light, but especially when it’s the engine oil that clearly needs attention?!!

No answers here, but filling the oil tank with three (3) quarts of oil appears to have resolved the problem.

Did a round trip of 30 miles to get the oil well spread throughout the engine, and picked up a pepparoni pizza for dinner as my reward for trusting my instincts and getting off my high horse long enough to ask for help.

It’s only Tuesday morning, and I’m wiped out and need another nap, pronto. Sheesh.

On a good note, though (and knocking on lots of wood so that I don’t jinx myself), I am so looking forward to seeing P!nk this Saturday night. Hopefully, there will be no more surprise expenses with my Kia Soul.


4 thoughts on “Counting the days

  1. So why did the oil disappear that quickly? If you’ve (theoretically) got 150 miles until your next change, something seems off with it being that low now. I hope for you that there are no more problems with your Soul too. I know you love that car…

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  2. You are very right.

    I swear, though, once a car reaches the “no longer covered under warranty” period of 10 years or 100,000 miles, things are designed to fail. I’ve not heard a peep (nor noticed amy kind of oil leaks on my cement driveway), so I’ll just be grateful that I thought to add 3 quarts of oil.

    The Dodge Neon, the car I had before this one for 12 years and about 132k miles, just wouldn’t die (even though the A/C quit working, and it always burned through oil (without any dark exhaust or other visible issues signifying a problem)). Some cars are just quirky as they age, and I’m glad my powder puff auto service class I took all those years ago when I first got my license is still standing me in good stead for low cost problem solving / preventive maintenance ideas to head off expensive problems due to neglect or being clueless.

    As for loving the Soul… I was hoping it would be my last car, however, living alone and still driving means I may have to replace it before my time here is done. The arthritis in my hands has been giving me lots of grief, and driving a stick with the hand that is acting up just may not be in the cards for me. I’ve been thinking since last Summer, when the phantom “check engine” light kept on coming on, that it may be time to shop for a new one, as well as give in and get an automatic, since the shifting / hand gymnastics needed to put the car in reverse are quite painful on my right hand. Still thinking about it, though, as I don’t want to waste cash if I’m not likely to outlive the car payments. Another 5 years of payments is a big commitment.

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  3. Oho! Maybe I can help with the ‘new’ car option. When I got Baby, I went through CarMax, a nation-wide concern that sells new and used vehicles. You can shop on line and find the perfect car for you, the prices are a range depending on what you want, you can purchase a warranty and they give generous trade ins. Baby came from Georgia, and she’s been all I could have ever wanted. ❤ And yeah, the automatic is a lot less stressful, although you may not get the *whoomp* power of a stick..

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  4. For me, it wasn’t so much about the power as it was having something to do behind the wheel to keep me awake as I’ve struggled with exhaustion for years, and driving is REALLY boring.

    Thanks for the suggestion about CARMAX. We have one across from the Kia dealership where I got this car, so it’s certainly worth checking out. I was really hoping to make it until 2020 in the hope that self-driving cars would be more readily available in less expensive cars, so that I could go longer without worrying it’s past time to give up my license, but for now, that concern is only addressible via a self-building kit, and I’m so not ready to go that route.

    Decisions, decisions, decisions…


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