Judgy, Much ?


The shite hit the fan last night, and I’m relieved.

C called to check up on her dog to see when I was bringing it to her, and I confessed that I wasn’t.  I confessed also that I’d talked to Georgia, the care home’s owner, knew the dog wasn’t allowed or welcome, and had started to make other arrangements to surrender the dog as C had failed to use the last 60+ days (not forgetting the additional 60 days eviction notice period) to figure out a plan, and I was done waiting.

Needless to say, she had a meltdown, and we both said some harsh things that needed to be said.


The upshot was that C was sure I’d schemed to kill her dog the entire time, she never should have let me take her, yada, yada, yada, and had nothing but excuses and demands for why this situation wasn’t her fault, and why I was untrustworthy.

This is very ugly and feels so much like the time that my other then-suicidal friend’s husband wouldn’t commit her to force B to get the help she needed, that I know I’m right in forcing this matter.  At this point, there appears to be no other way for this to end but in tragedy, and especially if the situation doesn’t change with regard to the circumstances at hand.

So, I reminded her about the dog being grossly under weight, with a raging eye infection, and being blind – all things that C was too self-involved to notice.  I reminded her that she’s had a total of 120+ days to come up with some sort of plan, and that her dogs are like children, needing care EVERY day, and that they can’t wait for her to feel better or be “ready”.   They can’t go hungry because she can’t afford to care for them EVERY day.  The dogs have rights, too, as they are lives and not just extensions of her.  Cruel, but honest.

Judgy, much?

C has threatened to come on Sunday to pick up the dog (yay, problem solved for me !   boo, problem not fixed for the dog to protect it from future neglect !)

C also tried to get me to promise NOT to surrender the dog…  No way.  She’d already missed two prior deadlines, and it takes time to rehome / surrender an animal.

So, the phone tree was going crazy last night as I called to warn her other friends about the hysteria fest coming their  way (V for tranportation to possibly get C here and back.  M who has the other (healthier) neglected dog.  D, who took the dog while I was in Vegas, but who claimed that she couldn’t keep the dog under any circumstances, as her husband had put his foot down, but who now says she can take the dog as an outdoor-only animal, which C hasn’t allowed up to this point).

Now we wait and see what will happen.  If C doesn’t get the dog, or allow D to take it, I’ve started the surrendering process with the humane society, who will also be given C’s current address and contact information, and THEY can be the ones to make the final call regarding its quality of life and disposition.

It will be about $250 to surrender the dog and board her for a few days, if the Humane Society agrees to accept Keri Jo, but that appears to be the only way I can legally handle disposal of C’s “property” and not be up on charges myself for illegally handing off the dog to a person, service or fate to which C does not consent.

Life still sucks right now for being the bad guy, but this appears to be the best choice available among sucky choices since nothing else has been able to resolve this problem since the eviction notice started this inevitable disaster in December.

4+ months of drama, and I can only hope for the best outcome for the dog, as I’ve given up on C.  So sad.


On a happier note, Brian Lageose’s Bonnywood Manor really made me smile today.  If you haven’t seen his, “15 Smarmy Things To Say ”, check it out.  So funny !

2 thoughts on “Judgy, Much ?

  1. Brian is nifty that way. You might be down, feeling angry or a number of woeful situations, read some of Brian’s words, and voila! Instant lightness of being. I’m so sorry about Kerri Jo. And I hope the Humane Society gets the dog. Even at the rather exorbitant amount you’ll have to pay. She will get proper treatment and caring there. C can suck rocks. Now who’s being judgy?

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  2. You and Brian always make me laugh, and I’m grateful that you introduced me to his blogs. You’re right, you both make me set my worries aside and concentrate on other things besides the problem right in front of your face.

    As for C, she never came today (phew !).

    I talked to V yesterday, and again today, and she agrees that C cannot take care of herself, so she will not transport her. It’s still not over until I find a placement or euthanize the dog, but things are also looking up as I heard from Rocket Rescue Dog yesterday (and just found that email moments ago), and they want to interview me via phone (vs. just saying “no”).

    The Milo Foundation sent me an email saying “no”, and directing me to Muttville.org, so we’ve gone full circle on rescue options.

    Meanwhile, Tilly, the MinPin, is still getting heavier, and I have to arrange for her to have doggy flu shots (if M, her foster Mom, indicates that we’re at the point where she must be given up, too). Miss Tilly is still having coughing fits in the middle of the night that are waking her foster parents and the other dogs (who all co-sleep), so we’re hoping a dose of anti-tussive medication will let us know if the problem can be resolved that way. Fingers crossed, as I don’t want to have to deal with Ms. Tilly until AFTER I get back from vacation.

    Luckily, keeping M in the loop has given her time to think about the breeder’s option to take Ms Tilly back, and be less resistant.

    I’m staying out of it while M thinks about it vs. the dog going to a stranger, and I’m hopeful that she will agree that Ms Tilly can go back to a familiar household since C lived with P, the breeder, for well over 4 years before being evicted from that location, too.

    Ms. KJ didn’t walk in her mess last night, so it was an easy clean up morning (no poop fest, yes !), so I’m hoping that the grooming appointment is giving her a little more of the much needed attention she desires and thrives on.

    You take care of you, Embeecee. Things are looking up for starting this week, that’s for sure !


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