Poop Fest.


Say it with me.  Poop.  Fest.

I spent the last three (3) days washing the dog’s bed.  Not my dog, but a friend’s dog.  An innocent bystander to the fact that we have crazy HOA rules to follow, one of which is the rule that the dog cannot be left outside, “unattended”.

Apparently, the neighbor(s) are worried that the dog will be taken by Coyotes, attacked by Condors, or carried off by marauding Raccoons.

So, while I have been trying to stay well by keeping my distance, and forcing the guest pup to spend way too much time, alone, in the back bedroom with just the TV for company, she’s been having a poop fest.

The dog is blind, so she goes everywhere in her kennel area.  Then, she walks through it.   Better yet, she’s got a gated area and a sleeping crate.  Guess where she chooses to sleep?  Yes, in the poop she has tracked all over her puppy padded gated area.

Once she’s done sleeping in it, so that it’s all in her coat, she moves into the crated area, spreading poop all over that area, too.

While I clean her gated kennel area every day, I put her outside, in the driveway.  Tethered.  Roofed.  No marauding Coyotes, Condors or Raccoons need attemp to get to her.

Washing the bedding.  Washing the gate.  Washing the floor.  Sanitizing.  Laying everything out again.  Only to have her do the poop fest regardless of how short a time I leave her unsupervised.

I have never had an animal so uncaring of its own feces that it would drag the filth everywhere.  Would sleep in it.  I am at my witts end.

Last night, I got the back bedroom all cleaned up.  Got the dog cleaned up.  Then I found myself down on my hands and knees scrubbing my exterior stairs.  The stair railings.  The areas BEHIND the trash bins (because no amount of barricading keeps her out of anywhere she is determined to go).


I have been looking into the legal rights and obligations my friend C may still have.  I’ve been looking into the rights the dog has.  And, I’ve been contacting various kennels, vets, dog sitters and senior dog rescue operations to see if there is any way I can foster the dog out, and it all looks bad.

Tomorrow, I contact an animal rights lawyer to find out my legal risks if I surrender the dog to a no kill shelter, or have to euthanize it.

I have tried my best, but C isn’t doing anything to get on top of her situation, and they haven’t yet “conserved” her, allowing the guardian to determine the fate of her two pups.

As discussed with the niece, they can’t take the dog and won’t object if I rehome it.  (They were silent about euthanasia).

As I suspected, Adult Protective Services dumped C in another County, further complicating her conservatorship paperwork, and leaving us all to deal with her without help and delaying the process involved in having her conserved.  Bureaucracy.  Gotta love it.

C ran out of minutes on her phone 2 weeks ago, so my stress is somewhat lessened in not having to talk to her.  However, she gets her social security check on the 11th and I anticipate the phone calls to start again after that point.

She can call me from her board and care home, but after a single call (she’s paranoid her conversations are being listened in on), she’s never called again.

I talked to Georgia, the owner of the Board and Care home who confirmed C cannot have the dog there, despite her scheming, and so now it’s come down to me busting her in a lie (unsurprising, as she’s not in reality much anymore), and having to be the bad guy.

So be it.  If I cannot find a senior dog rescue organization, she’s going to have to be euthanized.  It’s sad, but it’s the kindest thing to do.

I hate having to be the adult.  But, the unending poop fest is making it possible to do what must be done.  No animal deserves to live like this.

2 thoughts on “Poop Fest.

  1. My vote is firmly in the euthanasia court. The dog is elderly, blind and perhaps (IMHO) suffering from senility brought about by stress and uncertainty. It’s not that YOU’RE being unkind to her, it’s that (I’ve seen this before) when an elderly dog is separated from their ‘pack’, sometimes the elderly dog goes senile. No dog I’ve ever EVER had would voluntarily sleep in their own poo. Because she’s blind, I get the tracking it around her space part. And the volume seems a bit excessive, so maybe there’s some GI problem too. It will be hell for her to get shuffled again, even to a senior placement or no kill charity. Put her to sleep. Insist on it. For the dog’s sake. C will have to deal with the fact that if she can’t take care of herself, she can’t have pets to take care too. Her niece? Doesn’t have a say, YOU are the guardian. There. My two cents. And I really sort of have to hate people, who cause trouble for themselves and drag innocents into it. Dogs and children and caring kind friends. Take care of YOU. 😦

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  2. I know your feelings and agree. It’s just that I live in California, and there appear to be legal ramifications for euthanizing her dog without due process.

    I’m working through all those issues now, and plan to take KJ to the Humane Society on either on Saturday, after she is groomed, or on Sunday for euthanizing, if one of the rescue organizations don’t come through.

    While I agree with you about all the issues you’ve raised, according to the law that I can find in CA, I must first surrender the dog to the Humane Society (as the legal representative of the police department), and give them Chris’s contact information, and then they will make the decision about whether or not to euthanize or try and rehome her.

    Poor KJ is at her wits end with frustration (my interpretation) as she doesn’t like the eye meds. She doesn’t like being cooped up, and this is now too hostile an environment to keep her.

    I’ve thumbed my nose at the busybody neighbor, and she’s out front right now enjoying the sun (as I agree, no healthy dog would sleep in its own poop or pee).

    I am absolutely taking care of me, and just heartsick about what’s going on. Truly, no good deed goes unpunished. And, I agree selfish people not having a plan in mind to take care of their animals when they no longer can do so.

    How’s Huny doing? You wrote about a heart issue. Is she still enjoying quality of life? I know how attached you both are, and hope things are going well.

    Don’t forget to take care of you, too.

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