Homework Hysteria


Thank heavens for Brian Lageose’s Bonnywood Manor tales, as it was just what I needed in silly resuscitation after more than an hour spent on the phone lining up “medi-gap” medicare supplemental polices.

Comprehending Venutian would be easier than sitting through one of those government-inspired “simple” discussions.

I’m exhausted !  It took over ninety (90) minutes and four (4) transfers simply to START the process.  It may take another ninety (90) DAYS before enrollment is complete.  Sheesh.

Due to lingering insomnia from my ballooning adventure (my spine / small of my back pain has returned with a vengeance, so restful sleep is non-existant once again), I decided today was the day to determine my Medicare supplemental coverage since COBRA has decided retroactively that they don’t have to pay for squat – retroactively to March 1st – despite accepting my premiums through the end of May.

In case I wasn’t clear before now… I don’t do homework.

It’s a major undertaking to get me to do my taxes once a year, (and since they always owe me money, I put off claiming it for a year or two), so don’t get involved in my medical care and assign me homework.  Trust me – I ain’t doing it.


My insurance-provider-from-hell has decided that it’s secondary to my new medicare coverage, and is trying to get me to snail mail in my claims.  Homework.

I don’t care how much my out-of-pocket expenses may be… I ain’t doing the “reimbursement roulette” game, wasting time filling out forms to the best of my ability, only to be told that it’s wrong, or the medication or office visit isn’t covered.  Whatever.  I’m not your girl for paperwork.

I have fast forwarded to the time in my life when I have no responsibilities beyond trying to stay well, and I’m not signing up for more crazy-making pointless chores.


When you look at the medigap coverage forms online, NOTHING OF A PREVENTIVE CARE NATURE IS COVERED.  Seriously.



Just looking at the green checked boxes, the only policy that offers much of anything is Medigap Policy F.  So, one would think it would be a fast call to sign up under Policy D for drug coverage (nope!) and Policy F for everything else.  Not. So. Fast.

If I was a drinker, I would have needed one after this morning’s call.  The initial call took one hour and six minutes.


Then, there were three (3) transfers just to finish the enrollment because I was TOO YOUNG to simply enroll online.   It was another 30-odd minutes before I was done.  Sheesh !


Even with something as simple as ensuring that I’m doing what I’m supposed to for ensuring I have nursing home and hospice coverage, I have to speak to a live human being because I’m outside of the “norm”.  And that human being has 5,001 questions that are none of its business, and which waste both of our time, and then their computer cuts out and dumps us.  Seriously.

Hey, Bureaucrats… with a population of over 300 million citizens, ten (10%) percent of which are known to be on Disability / Social Security at any given time, that means at least thirty (30) million people fall under your service program needs.  Wouldn’t it be reasonable to offer an online sign up option for the portion of those THIRTY MILLION PEOPLE who are under retirement age vs. putting us all on the phone???

I’m all for employing people, but… when you know you’re going to be screwed, it’s better to just get it over with vs. dragging it out and hoping for a kiss.  The highlights of each Policy where summarized well enough:




Most of my medications aren’t covered (surprise, surprise, surprise) and since I’m not doing mail-in Rx’s (more homework!), we went with their basic Rx policy and the best offered “everything else” policy, with automatic deductions from my SSDI check to ensure it’s paid even when I’m too ill to deal with it myself.

There was zero reason to have to have a live human being on the phone, from what I could see.  But, I persevered through AJ, Jessica, Julie and Sarah to get them forms completed.

Done.  (I hope).

Now on to doing my 2016 taxes.  Maybe.  I’m not making any promises.


3 thoughts on “Homework Hysteria

  1. I am so with you on being done with homework. I did a tremendous amount of it during my servitude at Verizon, and now that I’m retired I have absolutely no desire to mess with any of it, ever. I can’t stand to talk to people on the phone, and that often includes relatives and friends, much to their continuing dismay. There are at least 10 things on my “really should get around to this” plate that involves me having to pick up the phone (dental appointments, financial housekeeping, home maintenance), but since none of them are absolutely necessary right at the moment, that plate remains firmly shoved out of sight until I am forced to look at… 😉

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