The animal police have invaded my life.  As you can see from the above images, there are two minds about the benefits or detriments for chaining a pet outdoors.  I clearly fall into the first category, and would use a zip line if I had more room for the dog to roam safely.

Backstory:  As the weather has warmed up, I have been moving Keri Jo out into the yard to enjoy the sun, and chaining her so that she doesn’t wander off.

Yes, I’m still walking her a couple of times a day.

I’m keeping her in the carport when it’s raining (so that she can do her business), and while I clean the gated area in my office where she sleeps.

Unfortunately, KJ is incontinent, so no amount of walking or puppy pads covers the mess she makes each day, so chaining her outside during the daylight hours and sometimes until bed time ensures that I’m not getting ill from her dog hair / bodily fluids, and that she has plenty of fresh air.  Plus ensures that she gets enough exercise so that she is not up howling all night.

Today, however, I was told that putting her on a chain was not allowed.

This is the same busybody in the park who told me last week that KJ was not allowed on the grass per park rules (Really?  No one else has said anything to me, and she is neither peeing nor pooping on the grass; simply rolling in it for a few minutes while I take a break when walking her as she loves the grass).

Dee, the Busybody, bothered KJ a couple of times today when I was out of sight and inside the house, to the point where she was howling (she is normally very quiet), and I don’t appreciate her interference.

I stepped out this evening to get more puppy pads and some supplies for my vacation.   When I got home, maybe 30 minutes or an hour later, I found that Dee had bothered yet another neighbor about the dog being “unattended”, and was working herself into a frenzy of busybodiness.


While the dog is child-like in its dependence, it is not a child.  The odds of someone stealing an elderly and frail dog are pretty slim, too.

You can see that the dog is fed, is putting on weight, is well groomed, and is not left outside and chained 24×7, yet you must still interfere into my life?  I guess she’s one of these kinds of people:


And, while I agree that dogs need more interaction and should not be left outside 24x7x365, I have no problem chaining a dog to keep it within the property boundaries and so that it won’t be a nuisance to other people walking by the house when I am not immediately by her side.

Apparently, Dee is worried about possums and raccoons and coyotes attacking (oh, my!) as if we were some place in the deep woods with regular predators wandering our city streets.  Apparently, I must be at the dog’s side 24×7 or I’m a bad dog sitter.

I am so done with having everyone in my / our business.

I am so done with having neighbors think there is nothing wrong with dogs unattended and running loose, yet take issue with a perfectly content pet enjoying the warmer weather and attached to a chain for its own safety (and to comply with leash / animal control laws).

Only 4 more days until I get a break from doggy duty.




2 thoughts on “Busybodies.

  1. There’s always one, isn’t there? You’re on the HOA Committee or Board aren’t you? You probably know better than she does the rules and such. You said “Four more days…” um? Is that when you go on your next trip OR did C get her shite together at last? Kerry Jo acts just like any 15 year old dog with illness acts, I don’t think it matters a whole lot whether she’s chained or not. I hope it all works out for the best — for you and especially for Kerry Jo. You’re more patient than I’d be, after the first ‘reprimand of nosiness’ flew out of that woman’s mouth, the next time she’d have gotten the rough side of my tongue. Good for you!

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  2. C is threatening to come get her dog via a ride from Lyft (my, wouldn’t that 4-6 hour round trip be expensive?), insisting that she can have her “service” dog with her at the board & care home despite being told otherwise firmly and repeatedly. She knows I’m goung to Las Vegas this weekend, so I am hoping she carries through on her threat and comes to take the dog from the other friend. It would certainly solve the problem without my being sucked into the drama.

    C’s mad because I won’t bring the dog for a visit on demand, and because I don’t want to be part of whatever scene she chooses to throw once it’s time for me to leave, and they make me take the dog with me.

    The social worker is now on her enemies list, and I have zero answers beyond hoping they either hurry up and conserve C soon for her own protection, or that C finds a better housing solution because I cannot keep this dog indefinitely. My trip to the UK happens June 1st, and this dog must be out of my hands by the end of May.

    I keep looking for board and care options or senior dog fostering in Empire, CA, near where C is, but no luck so far.


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