Double-billing & Paperwork



After more than a year of going to this particular doctor to treat my diabetes, she has finally decided to get involved in my care.

First, she wouldn’t treat my diabetes, insisting that diet and exercise (self-control) would cure me.  Yeah, right.

Then, as my liver was found to be faulty, I asked for a simple prescription for Metformin, in the hope that it would make things better (or, prevent things from getting worse).  Ha, ha, hah, ha, hah !

After being affronted by my request (that took 3 months to work through last year), she then decided that Metformin may be reasonable.  (I guess she didn’t like me going over her head to my Pulmonologist and getting a recommendation to the Stanford Liver Clinic).

Once she saw my first set of numbers, about November 2017, she then decided to increase my Metformin to 3x per day, causing gastric issues and resulting loss of control on a daily basis.  So, now we’re in 2018, and she has lost her mind.

The first recommendation was for Glumetza, with an average cost of $6,xxx per month (not in this lifetime!, even if my insurance would cover it).  The next recommendation was for Fortamet.  Much more reasonably priced for the generic version at $293.xx per month, but still way too expensive.



Nope.  Not gonna do it.  Certainly not considering it when the insurance coverage is now denying coverage and trying to be my secondary coverage vs. my primary coverage.  Medicare is useless, and now my doc is also double-billing me, since I paid for the services when I was in her office (and they appeared to submit the bill anyway).  Ain’t nobody got time for this drama.

I didn’t fight with the insurance companies and the doctors when I was employed and had a steady income.  I’m certainly not going to add to my stress and fight with them now that my monthly income has been reduced to a pittance.

So not doing it.

On a more positive note, it’s almost fishing season.  Time to step away from the phone during business hours, and avoid all the drama involved in debating these issues.

2 thoughts on “Double-billing & Paperwork

  1. Wonderful solution to an unsolvable problem. What tends to really cheese me off is their insistence (the doctors, the insurance people) on getting involved in your diabetes…to a point. After that, well shoot. You still alive? I guess we didn’t do enough to kill you with our hit and miss guessing and prescribing a lot of shit that doesn’t really do anything for the disease, but only makes one sicker. If you subscribe to the ADA (the American Diabetes Association) monthly newsletter the news is grim. He Who is Orange But Shall Not be Named has cut funding for research into diabetes and for better solutions and ‘cures’ to the bone. The cost of insulin (which is where most of us end up) continues to skyrocket. I had to pay $300 for two vials because of deductibles and out of pocket targets to be met by the damned insurance company. You are right – Medicare is useless, but only (IMHO) because the pillagers are at the gate and we’ve allowed them to loot and change the program until it’s a travesty. Best wishes dear. I hope you catch a whopper of a fish!!

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  2. I’m sorry that you understand the craziness all too well. The pillaging was begun by others, and now that Cadet Bonespurrs is in charge, it continues at a faster pace.

    I have to pay for May’s coverage soon, since today is payday, and I’m not looking forward to paying for yet more services likely to be denied. So frustrating.


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