Daily Prompt: Inefficient


via Daily Prompt: Inefficient

I am now covered by Medicare, after 2 years of being on disability.  Of course, they start this mid-year, after I’ve already been working to meet my deductible for 2018 ($13,000 under 3 different categories.  I call that “coverage refusal roulette” for the uninformed).

My favorite bit of inefficiency today was to receive two (2) letters on the insurance company’s coverage portal, and only be permitted to reply to one (1).  Inefficiency at its most obvious.


My favorite part of this whole thing was having to try and educate the insurance company that my employer has over 100,000 employees and they are not allowed to make themselves secondary in terms of coverage behind Medicare.

I hate fighting over insurance issues.  What’s the point of having insurance “just in case” when they refuse to cover anything?  I guess that’s the height of inefficiency.  Believing that coverage might actually work.

2 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Inefficient

  1. Not to be a doomsayer, because every situation is unique; but that’s nothing. Wait for it. It only got worse for me. The ineptitude will drive you mad. And then they won’t cover a doctor for that….

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  2. Oh, believe me, I agree ! It was so nice to finally have coverage after years and years of denials, and now that coverage is essential, I’m back to playing roulette with the denials. So aggravating ! I’m sorry you go through this, too.


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