Queen Mimi


I am struggling with a friend who has chosen homelessness, and keeping money in her hands for Latte’s and whatever she choses to purchase, vs. having a roof over her head and minimal standards for quality of life regarding access to showers, food, necessary medications, shelter, etc.

In particular, I’m struggling with my wish to kick her out of my life, and find a way to also remove her elderly dog from my life.

To then find that there is a homeless woman who has been featured in her own documentary, “Queen Mimi”, is just hitting a raw nerve.

I really wish we still had poor houses.

It’s pouring outside, and I worry that she’s sitting in a Jack in the Box or other fast food establishment, trying to stay dry, and trying to get through her day until she’s able to claim a bed.

Not that I want her moving in with me, even temporarily, as she is too unpredictable as her mental health declines.  And I am not a martyr, regardless of any bad choices I make trying to be a decent person vs. a dismissive person.

So, what am I doing to make it better?  Not much.  In fact, I’m adding to my own stress by buying beads to make jewelry (which I cannot do so long as my arthritis is acting up).

No answers here.  Just purging my brain of its latest, unproductive thoughts.


2 thoughts on “Queen Mimi

  1. At least you are purging them, not obsessing over them at 3 a.m. (or 4..damn daylight savings time) .. I hope that when push comes down to shove (which is coming rapidly if C wants to acknowledge that or not) that Kerri Jo gets the benefit of a compassionate release from a life that has to be full of pain and confusing. You are caring and kind else that doggie might be suffering even more. C doesn’t seem to be able to make such decisions about her pet, maybe you’ll have to. Particularly if she doesn’t find housing, which is looking less and less likely as the saga progresses. Even if she does find housing, won’t this scenario just play out again, the same way? If I recall rightly C’s caregivers thought they had her squared away a little over two years ago when they placed her in the home she is now evicted from. And isn’t that solid evidence to anyone with common sense that her ability to care for herself has vanished, despite her rantings to the opposite? It’s easy for me to armchair quarterback obviously. But I hope the right decision for Kerri Jo is made. For the dog’s sake.


    1. I agree with all you’ve said, which is why we are hoping that she will finally be conserved. Until the authority to make decisions for herself is legally taken out of her hands, it’s like watching a child play in traffic. So sad.

      And, after reading the summary of the tale of Queen Mimi, I don’t have much hope that we are going to win conservatancy for my friend, C. It seems like we’d rather neglect people in the US than give them the basic housing and minimal care they so desperately need.

      Meanwgile, the more miserable the dog becomes, missing her human and pack mate, the more night time howling she’s doing. I can keep Keri Jo pretty busy and too tired to complain in decent weather so that she sleeps well at night, but this rain is messing with us all.


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