Diplomacy is exhausting.

Doing well despite the rough start to the weekend. Last night, the friend whose dog I’m caring for had a meltdown over the dog’s care, demanding that I get a second opinion, etc., even though we’d previously discussed the fact that I am not wealthy, and that the dog is already under the care of a good vet.

It’s sad when people neglect themselves as they age, but it’s even sadder when there are animals involved.

At this point, I’ve gotten 12 calls and 4 voicemails today as she is working herself into a fine lather to vent her spleen. So, I’ve left her a voicemail (since she didn’t answer the phone), that the dog is fine, is already under the care of an excellent vet, and that she is not allowed to spend my money demanding anything. I am doing what I said I would to care for the dog temporarily, until her living situation is resolved (we are hoping she’s conserved and her niece appointed as guardian), but failing that, she has an action item to find a new place to live that will allow her to keep her dogs. Until she has a workable plan, the dogs are safe with other caregivers.

At 15 years old, though, this dog is at the end of it’s natural life, and I am doing everything necessary to keep it comfortable and happy despite its blindness, eye infection and underweight status. My angry friend has 2 choices at this point:

1) Stop calling me and adding to my stress, and I will continue to update her once a day, between 5 and 6 pm;

or, 2) find someone else to take over the care of the dog.

I am not willing to bring the dog for a visit (a 6 hour round trip car ride) while she is in such deep stages of grief and anger at the changes in her living situation, and not until the dog has gotten all of its vaccines and immunizations updated. So, she knows that I hope to bring the dog for a day visit in April, after I have all my appointments taken care of, and presuming that such a visit will not cause a scene.

The reason I’m writing this post, though, is not for encouragement or support. Instead, I’m asking each of you with pets to consider what will happen if you can no longer care for your pets as our shared illness progresses. My cat, Katie, already has someone waiting in the wings to care for her should she outlive me. And, the fur coated diva will be my last pet should I outlive her.

The lives of our four footed friends are a blessing, and I truly feel we need to handle our guardianship responsibilities well by having a plan for our lives and theirs as it gets closer to us all meeting at the rainbow bridge.

Whatever’s going on in your lives this weekend, I hope you’re doing well and having fun.

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