Ennui Help


Winter is always a tough time of year.  It’s cold.  I’m uncomfortable.  Everything is grey.  Frankly, it’s a good time to be a bear and hibernate.

However, for anyone with mental health challenges such as depression, this is a good time of year to investigate whether or not a psychiatrist over the internet (SkypeDoc) is a solution for psychiatric counseling where one might otherwise risk their safety driving snow-blocked mountain passes, steep and icy roads, etc.

Typing in the question, “Can I get an online psychiatrist?” brings up a bunch of possible alternatives, if your own medical plan / insurer doesn’t have this alternative already available.

Online Psychiatrist suggestions March 2018

While I did go to a grief counselor / life coach for about a year, when first dealing with my COPD diagnosis, and she was excellent, I don’t know that it helped me to resolve my issue with ennui.

At this point, since I feel my lack of motivation is related to Winter doldrums (since I put in close to 14,000 steps yesterday and can be motivated and focused to get things done when the weather is wonderful), so I will continue to wait and see before seeking mental health care for myself.

But, if you ever feel different…  please consider online psychiatric options if you can’t find something better real-time and in-person in your neighborhood.

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