I don’t have any.  Or, not enough patience by any means.


(Most of the images in this post were stolen off the internet, and are not the actual animals involved in today’s episode).

This whole giving the dog 3 different medicines, 2x a day; plus getting up and walking her before I do anything else; plus having to hose down her kennel area because she can’t make it through the night without pooping or peeing is for the birds.  Plus, plus, plus ad infinitum…

Don’t get me wrong – I love dogs.  But… only in small doses, and only when my allergies aren’t driving me crazy.  Dogs are a heck of a lot of work when they are healthy, and even more work when they are not.  Never mind when YOU are not.

I can’t roll out of bed and simply go to the YMCA.

I can’t first take a shower (and the essential shaving) until after the dog is taken care of, which means that I also have to hope that it’s warm enough for flip flops as any effort to put on socks means that I can’t shave my legs that day as the swelling will be up around the socks, and I will cut myself to ribbons.  (Yes, my leg hair is a weapon.  A lethal weapon, which is why I’m so good about grooming and such to keep it close to the skin.  My 5 o’clock shadow can leave scratches, and I swear it can draw blood, I have so much testosterone in my system naturally).

Anyway, I get up this morning to find that she’s pooped and peed on the doggie pads (good), but that I need to clean all that up after I take her for her morning walk, and before I give her the necessary medicines.

During our walk, the crazy neighbor was out talking to her grandson, and had 2 of her 3 dogs off leash and terrorizing the neighborhood as they ran amuck, yapping at anything that moved.

Terrorist number 1, the puppy, “Terrie”:


I can’t even walk by her part of the street without the dog going bezerk and trying to defend her property, so I was not happy to see the one she was belting yesterday making a beeline directly for me and my blind houseguest, yapping her head off.

NOTE:  In 2016, they took a vote to allow people to simply WALK their dogs through the park vs. having to drive them elsewhere to walk them, and while it was approved, many people were not happy at the thought that lazy owners would have their dogs off leash and not managing their necessary bodily functions, etc.  This neighbor is one who is going to ruin it for everyone, if she doesn’t keep her %#$!##%! dogs on their leads.

I get it about animals needing to establish domination, but I don’t want to have to deal with it, and certainly NOT when I’m trying to handle my own houseguest.

I yelled at the woman to get her dog (she was holding another one in her arms, and ignoring the white one’s antics), and she simply waved at me and continued to ignore the problem.  Then, she went into the house telling the dog that she was leaving him.  Seriously.  Like the dog was a toddler.  Entitled, much ?!?!?!?!

Another neighbor, Tom, came to my rescue, chasing Terrie back up on to the deck (and Terrie was charging him and barking, too) while the owner came out onto the deck and chided Tom for “teasing” her dog.  Seriously ? ! ? ! ? !!!!!

Added into all of this, I have had yet another call from yet another “concerned” friend of C’s who didn’t want the blind dog’s vaccinations updated.  Jeeze.  Just tell me when you got your medical degree as a vet, ok?

When I explained that the tests were being run, and that the dog was too underweight to get the vaccinations updated until after the test results were in, she blew right over that as if I hadn’t spoken at all.  She didn’t believe vaccinations were necessary.  I then reminded her that she wasn’t willing to take the dog in, either short term or permanently, and that I needed to be able to put the dog in a kennel when I was traveling if C wasn’t back on her feet and living in a situation where she should care for the dogs herself.

Frankly, given the poor condition C is in, and the fact that both dogs had health issues, I don’t think that they should be returned to her, as I think they will be neglected.  Again.  C’s health issues are too all-consuming for her to be able to care for anyone, including herself.  But, I’m still giving it 4-6 weeks and waiting to see what happens for the niece being able to get C into some short of sheltered living situation where she may be able to take her dogs.

But, this other friend THEN says to me that she could “maybe” take the dog while I’m on vacation in Las Vegas for a long weekend, as long as I could “return the favor” to care for her animals.  No.  Just no.

So, it’s Monday morning.  11am.  The dog has been walked, twice.  Her living space has been sanitized.  She’s had all her meds.  She’s been fed, and is now napping once again.

I, meanwhile, still smell like dog, am in desperate need of a shower, my hands are chapped from all the hand-washing I’m doing to try and remain healthy, and I still have to figure out how to ensure that the crazy neighbor woman keeps her dogs on a lead when they are on her deck or in her unfenced yard, in order that my guest dog can be safe in my yard if I want her out on a lead for half an hour or so to enjoy the sun without my direct supervision while I sanitize her kennel area.

Herself is not happy with any of this, and I couldn’t agree more with her aggravation at this new distraction.


Truly, no good deed goes unpunished.  I have got to find some reserves of patience somewhere.


2 thoughts on “Patience

  1. Well you don’t, you know. Being impatient with it may just get you through. Off the subject (and totally none of my business, so don’t answer if you’re not so inclined… Is “C” our mutual acquaintance at the Face Place? I’m sorry to hear whomever it is fell off their trolley again, but such is our society and time we live in now. A lot of mentally ill (whatever degree) and elderly are falling through the cracks. And less and less people give a fig about the situation so long as it doesn’t affect them. Example is the recent non-start I had with the mental health system up here. My problems are relatively mild, I shudder to think about that happening to someone who has real serious issues. Or someone who is old and confused. In the latter two scenarios incompetence and lack of caring can be fatal. To someone in my position it’s merely annoying and discouraging. Good on ya J for being one of the angels and rescuing an animal and helping someone in need. You shine. Remember that when you’re feeling down about the situation. And the dog? Will be fine if Missus Idiot Dog Owner’s dogs come calling when your guest is outside. Dogs have a way of working things out that humans should emulate…if they can’t eat or f*ck the problem, they piss on it and walk away. Your guest looks larger than the terrier that stupid woman owns (poor dog) and will no doubt make short work of any unwanted forays.

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  2. Thanks for the kind support, and, yes, this is C of the multiple fb accounts because she can no longer remember passwords or how to get into an account after being locked out. Her paranoia is such that she’s taken to creating 16 digit passwords with numbers, letters, capitals, and symbols, which are hopeless to remember without a password cheat sheet. Ditto email passwords and any other memory related task that C is now unable to carry out.

    It’s so sad to see a once-brilliant mind deteriorate into anger, paranoia and filthy habits.

    Meanwhile, the niece has a plan (we’ve been orchestrating our complaints to Adult Protective Services for months), and will pay for anything necessary to get C taken care of, should the social workers and court system not act appropriately to protect this woman from herself. Until she has secured guardianship of her aunt though, her hands are tied. The niece has gotten her signed up with Medi-Cal for low income seniors, and that plus Medicare should pay for a bed once one is again located. (The niece had one in January while C was hospitalized for 72 hours, but could not move her there due to the Medi-Cal being allowed to expire under the then-current APS social worker).

    Another down side to all of this drama has been the fact that anxiety has moved C from depressed and uncaring to verbally aggressive, argumentive and stubborn. She was incredibly manipulative, trying to find a way to avoid the eviction by showing up at the emergency room multiple times with a variety of complaints, thinking that they couldn’t evict her if she had a medical reason for living in filth, or was in the hospital, and she’s not endearing herself to anyone with her sharp tongue and fits of temper when she doesn’t get her way.

    The last parts of life can be incredibly depressing and dark, which is yet another reason why I will choose euthanasia when the time comes for me. We’d put down an aggressive dog, but we don’t have the same considerations for humans who are suffering. So sad.

    As for the other dog… Unfortunately, Keri Jo has become a bit hard of hearing or befuddled (or something) along with her blindness, and she’d be a sitting duck for the puppy if she was loose and decided to attack. So, I’m keeping her in the house when I am not at her side to keep her safe from other dogs who she cannot see or defend against quickly enough to protect herself.

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