Attitude Problem


As I wrote awhile back, I’ve been working through my own fears and anxieties related to an attitude problem, and I haven’t been on here much as it’s just all static in my head as I try and sort it out.

Got through the #2 nephew’s excluding me from a special event in his life, his wedding.  While I’m still mystified / heartbroken about the exclusion, I’ve managed to push that heartache away by keeping busy.  He’s not a daily part of my routine, and it is what it is.

I am managing to get through my anxiety over an elderly friend being evicted from her home (being homeles is one of my worst nightmares).  While I can’t say she deserves the situation, I have managed to get her dogs into a safe living situation by taking one, and delivering the other to another friend.


I have been juggling finances and savings (originally intended for more house construction or landscaping or my UK trip) getting them both up to speed with their annual wellness care, which hadn’t been handled since I last paid for their vaccines in 2016.

What I didn’t expect in all of this was my irritation at having to deal with the medical issues (and related voice messages and phone calls from their now homeless owner) for treating the eyes of the older dog (black cocker spaniel).  Keri Jo is blind in both eyes, and requires 3 kinds of medications, spaced 15 minutes apart during the treatment, twice a day.  Indefinitely.

I knew there would be mess.  Unpleasant smells.  Dander issues to stir up my allergies.  I just didn’t realize that I’d gotten to the point in my own health battle that this would be such an aggravation.

It’s been 5 days of dealing with this sweet but helpless senior dog, and I’ve got another 4-6 weeks of this hassle to deal with until we figure out if my friend can get into a senior shelter / protected housing that will allow pets, or if Keri Jo will have to be rehomed.

Meanwhile, her homeless owner is pressing all my buttons bombarding my voicemail on both my pay-as-you-go cell phone with angry screaming messages, apologetic messages, butt dials and wrong calls, while also texting HER DOGS audio recordings on my cell telling them both how much Mom loves and misses them.

Sad.  Aggravating.  Depressing.

Any attempt to get C to stick to a call budget of once a day is ignored, so I have taken to talking to her quite firmly with a reminder that I’m already spending mucho $$$ on her (neglected) dogs, and that she has to stop wasting my money with bombarding phone calls as I don’t take my phone with me everywhere I go and am busy.

Clearly, my patience is stretched thin.

So, this morning, I finally get the dog walked and fed, kennel area sanitized and papers changed, meds in her, meds in me, walked again, and then hit my bed for a much needed nap.

Only to have the Park’s resident head case pounding on the side of my trailer to get my attention.


J F’g C !£¥§#!

I go onto the porch to see the Suzy Sunshine (vs. Dora Downer or Lonely Lettie) side of this woman’s personality standing in the street with her walker and multiple dogs (she’s now up to 3) trying to get me outside to join her for a walk, and asking that I make it a regular thing.  And, she’s hitting her newest puppy right in front of me (as she gets some sort of joy over being a disciplinarian).  She wasn’t hurting the dog, but it’s not something I do or want to deal with, and that circus is not being allowed anywhere near my already stressed day.

Not only, “No”, but Hell No !  While I have always tried to be pleasant and cordial to her, as I walk back and forth from my house to the pool all Summer, passing her home when she’s sitting on the porch, desperate for a friendly smile and chat, the last thing I need or want right now is another expectation on demand on my time.  I am not adding ANYTHING to my schedule.  I am all peopled out.

So, that’s where I have been since my last update.  Nothing’s changed.  My attitude still needs adjusting.  I’m keeping busy.  I’m hibernating (as much as possible), and busy putting one foot in front of the other.

Las Vegas Auntie has been conned into buying yet another new home, so I go see what’s up with her as of mid-April.  Hopefully, I’ll have the senior dog rehomed so that it isn’t yet another drain on my bank account putting him in a boarding kennel.  See?  You haven’t missed a thing.  It’s the same old / same old.




2 thoughts on “Attitude Problem

  1. How old is Keri Jo? Given my recent episode with Buddy, who was 15, and whose shelter parents underplayed wildly his physical problems; if Keri is 14 or older? Look into euthanization. For the sake of the dog. Please. It will continue to break my heart, maybe for the rest of my days, the confusion and horror Buddy faced in his last year. Not that anyone was mean to him nor that he didn’t have the best of care, he did (IMHO), he was just past understanding why humans do what they do. Why he was being shuffled place to place and never allowed to settle. Why nobody even knew his real name.

    And maybe I’m reading too much into how much a dog suffers when they’re separated from their owners, particularly if the dog is elderly, but I feel they do suffer. Dogs are pack animals. If they’ve known a ‘pack’ their entire lives – to sudden wrest them from it is the cruelest thing I can think of. Particularly if they’re elderly and particularly if they’re ill. Not saying that you did that, it was the person you’re trying to help obviously, and I’m sure she’d shit bricks if you put doggie to sleep without her consent. But if she’s unable to have both dogs again, to me it’s the kindest thing.

    And who says you have to answer the door at all? If I don’t feel like people-ing of a day, I just don’t pick up the phone nor answer the door. If someone urgently needs me, well I’ll deal with whatever it is at a later time. One of the few perks of living alone independently as I see it. I hope the crazy dog lady leaves you be and just takes her walks by herself. But she sounds like she really needs a friend, and you my dear? Are prime friend material. ❤

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  2. Oh, I couldn’t agree more !

    However, the owner has such anxiety (convincing herself that I’d picked up the dogs to euthanize them), that she has had multiple people calling my home to check on the dog. I’m sure the other friend who took the miniature pincher is getting lots and lots and lots of phone calls, too. Those alone would make anyone regret being a good samaritan. At least, that’s the impact they are having on me. But I limit my phone call returning to once a day, and if anyone doesn’t like it then they’ll just have to find a way to adjust.

    Meanwhile, my efforts to calm C’s fears by reminding her that both dogs would be in a shelter right now if I hadn’t picked them up, and that I didn’t need to do a 6 hour round trip to get the dogs, never mind pay for vet care, if my motive had been to kill them. Logic calms her down for a bit, but only until her fears overwhelm her again.

    As for the whole euthanasia aspect, I couldn’t agree more.

    The younger dog, at 10, has a possible forever home with a friend of C’s, so that’s one good thing if the owner is never able to care for them again. They’ve been friends for years, and Tillie knows the friends dogs very well and seems happy. (I took Tillie to the Vet on Saturday, and she’s gotten all her shots and is coping very well with the change in households).

    The older dog, though, at 15, mostly sleeps. I get her up regularly for walks and socializing, and she’s known me since she was a puppy as I’ve often cared for Keri Jo as C has worsened. She’s wagging her tail and trying to interact when I get her up for a walk, so I don’t think she’s missing the other dog or her owner (but that could be my own assumption that they are relieved to be living in a clean place with regular food and water access, never mind regular play and walking times without any yelling or neglect).

    Keri Jo is 15, and has always been a bit of an easy-going clown. If C cannot get well enough and in a good living situation to take her back, then I will seriously consider putting her down if I can’t find someone to care for her and bring her to visit C upon occasion. I am already in discussions with the medical personnel to see if removing her eyes is both a reasonable activity given the infections, as well as affordable. I don’t want to do anything extreme, but if it will give her better quality of life in the event that C does find a way to keep both dogs with her, then I want Keri Jo as stable as possible and the eyes fully healed before sending her into a situation that will eventually decline into filth if C is not given regular supervision (and physical help) for house cleaning and basic sanitation.

    Mental health / dementia issues are so heartbreaking to have to deal with in adults, but when there are helpless animal lives involved, too, it pushes it into the chaos arena. Add in a now elderly dog, and one has to also do what’s best for the quality of life of the dog regarding choosing euthanasia if a stable living situation cannot be found.

    I hope you’re doing well and having a god day.


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