It’s probably an oxymoron to consider winning an SSDI challenge a “success”, however, I’ll take it.


I picked up the mail last night (I love having a PO Box – it ensures I won’t lose things inside my home because I don’t pick up the mail until I’m ready to deal with it).

Anyway, I grabbed the mail to find that social security accepted my explanation for the source of the various payments from my former employer, and has been cured of its misinformation which concluded that I had returned to work.

Hallelujah !

I still have to get through the fight with the former employer’s insurance company about continuing salary benefits, but the basic SSDI insurance coverage which was threatened appears to be ok once again.

2 thoughts on “Success.

  1. And, the good news was that I also found out that my employer’s insurance provider has backed off, and I should keep on getting my matching salary benefits beyond March of 2018. Hallelujah !


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