Return-to-work Survey.



I know that my employer and its insurance agent considered me a faker, a la the picture of the former police officer, above.  Today, I learned that I’ve been miraculously cured, as they think I have reported back to work.


After spending the day running around trying to complete forms for Social Security Disability Insurance agents, I got the most bizzare phone call from the former employer’s Insurance Program Administrator asking me a few questions, “…now that I’ve returned to work.”


Seriously ? ! ? ? ! ! ! !

They terminated me in early May.

I’ve been paying for COBRA insurance for the past month or so (and was just denied insurance coverage today, when I went to re-order my medicines).

So, to not mess up the timing of my medications, I’ve had to go back to paying for my own flu shot out of pocket (a la the pre-Obamacare days).  Now, I also have to actually go through all the mail or make the dreaded phone calls to learn where my new insurance card may be.  If such a card exists.

For a company that has done nothing but deny my benefits, harass me within an inch of my life, and then congratulate me on returning to work as part of it’s “quality” survey, should I be surprised that my insurance appears to have been cancelled?

Today’s quality survey questions were along the lines of:

  1.  Regarding your recent claim, on a scale of 1 to 5, with 1 being poorly and 5 being excellently, how do you feel we handled your recent claim?
    1. Answer:  1 – poorly
  2. Regarding your return to work, we have just a few questions to you about how well our services worked for you.  On a scale of 1 to 5, how helpful were we in getting you back to work?
    1. Answer:  N/A – I didn’t go back to work
  3. Regarding your disability, how well did our service claims administrators work to aid you in recovering your health and returning to work?
    1. Answer:  N/A – I didn’t go back to work
  4. How likely are you to recommend our services to others?  1 is unlikely, 5 is highly likely.
    1. Answer:  1 – highly unlikely.  

I could go on, but the nightmare scenario continues and won’t improve through repetition.

I acknowledge that I have been terminated from my job as a way to try and wiggle out of their disability insurance obligations to me.

Social Security Disability is now also challenging the supplemental benefits I finally received after 18 months of fighting to obtain what I was promised as part of my employment package.

And, the employer’s insurance carrier started its challenge of my continuing to receive supplemental wage benefits 9 months early (the time for challenging my ability to work wasn’t supposed to start until March 2018, at the earliest).

I’m doing fine, but my attitude could be better.  This whole issue of miracle cures for me and some phantom job are just the frosting on my cake of a 2-year anniversary for accepting my disability, leaving work in order to improve my quality of life, and being on disability benefits while hoping it will be enough to give me some actual quality of life vs. simply being a game of endurance.

So, did I ever tell you how much I hate the Fall?  Things turning brown and dying / atrophying everywhere.  Wet, fog, gloom.  Early sunsets, late sunrises.  I hate the shorter days between now and February.

October is becoming a whole other reason to want to hibernate through the Winter.

Unless, of course, that miracle cure arises.  “It’s a miracle.  I’ve been healed!”






2 thoughts on “Return-to-work Survey.

  1. OMFG. :O 😡 I cannot believe (well I CAN and that’s scarier) the level of ineptitude shown by those creatures. And I don’t intimately know your circumstances, but isn’t the govmint supposed to step in now it’s been two years? Give you ‘disability medicare’ which, while not the greatest, is SOMETHING anyway. Makes getting medicines and such a lot easier too. I’m so sorry to hear this further example of how f*cked up the world IS. I’m sorry for your circumstances. I’m just plain SORRY. Take care J, and hang in. It’ll improve (at least I hope it will). Let me know if there’s anything I can do for you too. Don’t know what, but whatever it is, I’d like to help.

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  2. Thank you for turning up to read about my latest drama. Today’s was no less than an hour and a half (after I lost my temper being given the run around) and involved:

    – Wageworks
    – Aetna
    – Conexis
    – Caremark

    … keeping in mind that everyone kept trying to bounce this off of Aetna, the overall Insurance carrier, while Aetna was pinging them about their particular duties with regard to getting me my meds.

    I still have $ in the bank to juggle to pay for my meds if it comes to that. For now, though, I’m just walking away from an hour and a half long phone conversation, and hoping that I don’t have to talk to anyone else again today. I’m just done. Completely out of patience.

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