While I continue to be a disrespectable fat girl, trying to find a way to enjoy my quality of life despite my chronic aggravations of health issues and weight, I have made progress with my endocrinologist as she’s agreed that – maybe – I should try Metformin.

Not to rub her nose in it or anything, as my fasting (another frowned upon activity with diabetes) has seemed to get my A1C from 7.1 down to 6.6, I’m all for trying the Metformin in the hope that it will fix a number of complications I believe relate to my overall health from inflammation.

Nobody has time for pain, and certainly not pain related to unchecked damage causing Cirrhosis of the liver.


So, we’ll see how it goes and if she prescribes the Metformin.  Nothing but fun, fun, fun around here.  How are YOU doing?

2 thoughts on “Squeaky

  1. While I am not looking forward to the 108 / 109 degree temperatures forecast for today, I certainly like it better than being cold and broke from trying to (barely) keep the heat on to prevent freezing to death during the cold weather. I so dislike “end of Summer” and hope that we won’t reach that date for me until end of October / early November.

    Hang in there, and have a good day.


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