Debates. Counters.

I find it amazing that I’m getting care suggestions from my health insurance company, and my doctor says, “No”.



Not only “No”, but lets put me on Atavastatin, an anti-cholesterol Rx.  An anti-lipid treatment that may help my liver issues * OR * do further damage.  (Emphasis mine, as it really feels like someone is cavalierly flipping a coin to make a decision in the medical literature).

Clearly, the topic is still out for debate regarding whether or not an anti-cholesterol Rx will do good, do nothing, or cause additional damage.  So, feel free to experiment with my body !

What’s really gaslight-level strange is to then open the mail to see an actual recommendation from my health insurance company recommending that I discuss the value of Metformin with my doctor during my next visit.


I don’t pretend to be a doc, and I don’t pretend to have all the answers, but… it is funny to think that a treatment I researched on my own turns out to be EXACTLY what the insurance company has determined will cost them the least amount of care funds in the long run.  And, it’s even funnier that it’s the same treatment that my endocrinologyst rejected out of hand.

Of course, the discussion about pain was even funnier as I know I feel pain, point it out for where I think it is, and then am told that I am mistaken about my own pain.



According to the above graphic, I’m a card carrying member of the NAFLD or NASH brigade (Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease).

Add in tell-tale pictures of my lizzard-like spotted neck:

and one presumes that the very expensive CT Scan came back with the right diagnosis.

Nope.  Because I cannot point out where the pain “should” be for liver disease (in the abdominal area, apparently), and I point to my right side and lower back on the right, I must actually be suffering from kidney issues.

… Even though stock pictures for both liver AND kidney disease show these same two images for where I feel the pain resides.

So, I have no answers.  I started my anti-cholesterol Rx yeserday, and my right side is back to killing me for sleeping or rolling over while trying to sleep.

Not much left to say except that the fun with COPD just keeps giving and giving.

2 thoughts on “Debates. Counters.

  1. Wow. Well I’m not going to complain any more, your trials make my own seem small. I find it interesting that insurance companies are taking such an avid interest in the chronic ill now (I also have had a host of health care workers and suggestions for medications and ways of dealing with my chronic illness; all free and all courtesy of the insurance people). Makes one wonder what ol’ D trUMP has up his sleeve regarding health insurance to make them scurry around cutting costs and looking at the bottom line so seriously. Stick to your guns about your symptoms, I’ve had to remind a health care professional recently that I live in my body and they do not. They may have a lot of empiric evidence regarding (in my case diabetes, glaucoma and bone disease), but they do NOT know how it feels ‘in my case’. It’s not possible. I end it with “I guess I’m just, as usual, not within the normal range for *insert symptom*” and they usually agree. The next time you see someone about your back and side pain, point out the source where you saw those photos and the data and ask them about it. Couldn’t hurt, right?

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  2. Absolutely couldn’t hurt. Very true. I’m trying to get into the Stanford Liver Clinic, so we’ll see what they have to say vs. their own endocrinologist.

    My favorite comment I received was from my Pharmacist at Rite-Aid who tried to tell me that I was “non-compliant” with medications and gave me a copy of his report to back up his position. When I challenged how they determined that, he realized that there was no way for me to indicate I’m no longer taking an Rx, so that my “compliance” would always be in question. Sheesh !

    I hear you, too, about health folks not understanding that explaining something is wrong and pointing it out accurately and in the correct language for a layperson is like trying to get the mechanic to understand that the “thingy” sticking could be your carburetor staying open, or your gas pedal sticking. It’s all a matter of perspective.

    Hang in there with your health issues – I hope you’re getting the help you need, too.


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