Crafting for Sanity


I knew I was losing my mind when I seriously considered “mealenders” as a solution to my diabetes woes.

Background: the lawyer is making me crazy with his / their latest version of a declaration, and while I do have a short lifespan, I don’t want to spend my final days in the pen for killing him (lawyer) or her (paralegal).

I have been having trouble sleeping as I’ve been trying fasting as a way to control my blood sugar

I am still ticked at the endo deciding my issue was portion control and over-eating vs. understanding that I eat normally – 2,000 or less calories a day (usually about 1,800 calories or 600 calories per meal – at a rate of 2-3 meals per day).

Being unable to sleep, though, because hunger pangs either keep me from falling asleep, or keep me awake once I’m in bed, is extremely aggravating.  And that’s before we consider the 5,001 pee breaks necessitated by all the water I’m downing to try and keep my belly from hurting.

Add in declarative b.s. statements from my lawyer, corrected multiple times, yet receiving each fresh draft with whole paragraphs of falsehoods that I’ve never seen before, increases my anxiety and hunger.

Plus, the continued delay for building my new sun porch is getting on my last nerve.

While I’m trying to be good as I’m seeing my endocrinologist later this week, the levels of constant frustration for the months of July and August are NOT helping me find and keep my balance.

So, I’ve started the 2017 “Crafting for Sanity” tour.

Right now, I’m into rehabbing Goodwill items into a variety of bird feeders in the hope that something will click at our upcoming show.

While the ugliest bracelet I’ve ever made (the concept DIDN’T match the finished product) sold at our most recent show, I’m just feeling drained and whiney.  Very whineeeeeyyyyyyy.

I can hear the clock of my life ticking, and it’s getting on my last nerve.  Time to get busy to drown it out !

Or this:


Here’s hoping I have some sales this weekend to make my open defiance of the lawyer’s edicts worthwhile.

I can manage my own luggage.

I can drive my car.

I do need lots of breaks and naps.

I am diabled, and not bedridden !

2 thoughts on “Crafting for Sanity

  1. Having spent the last week dealing with diabetes ‘issues’, I feel for you. Do what YOU feel is appropriate for your situation. If it’s fasting, well good luck. Personally? Your calorie intake versus exercise seems balanced and that’s supposed to be the goal – to achieve a good balance. Even the most anal person I know with diabetes had her high and low days vis a vis sugar levels. She knew where her balance was. Hard thing to get used to doing…I just tested and mine was 343. Given that it’s been 97 or lower for the past week primarily, that’s frustrating. Not enough protein today is the culprit though. And it’s seven days without coca-cola – a personal best this year. Good luck. You are ABLE to do all the things you listed because you know (better than lawyers or doctors) your limitations and what your body will tolerate. You go.

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  2. Wow – that’s a HUGE variance – to go from 343 down to as low as 97. Lots of hard work, but especially in going without soda – bravo !

    Thank you so much for the pep talk on the diabetes challenges – I know others have it so much more challenging than me, but I do feel deprived for little variance in results.

    As for everything else – just spent a lovely evening with friends down this way for a cancer procedure tomorrow. It was a lovely evening with old friends and laughter, and exactly what I needed for helping screw my head back on correctly. Joy is a much better perspective, and I appreciate seeing the love of a couple who have been through the wars and are still happy to be celebrating 21+ years together.

    Good company makes every day more worthwhile.

    Please keep me posted on your journey – I’m pulling for you to win the diabetes battle, too.


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