Today, I see a “wealth manager”.  The goal is to see if I can find a short-term investment which will enable me to invest my money in a very protected account to grow my savings, in the hope that I won’t run out of funds before I pass away from this illness.

I am very worried about 45’s craziness and a related stock market crash, so I’m trying to figure out if I can put my $ into cash and avoid the volatility of the stock market over Der Cheeto’s remaining term, as well as create a stream of income in the event I lose my matching salary disability benefits.

Of course, in the middle of all this, the lawyer has been driving me crazy with more insurance paperwork (harassment, if you ask me), and I’m about to take a train trip to Colorado, which will be another thing on the lawyer’s “no no” list.

Playing phone and email tag with the Lawyer’s Paralegal, I’m now worried that the conversation is going to linger into Thursday / Friday, making it impossible for me to get signed documents back to them (when I sent my preferred version 2 weeks ago!) because they’ve been unhappy with what I sent and they have been dragging their feet.

So, I’m about to travel from CA to CO via a sleeper car on a train, making sure that the 7,000 foot change from sea level to mountains happens slowly and gently.  Making sure that we have a sleeper car so that I can rest when needed and on demand.  While also hoping to enjoy this train tourism adventure while going to visit a friend in CO.  Wish me luck, because this looks like it’s turning into the usual madness.


2 thoughts on “Madness

  1. I hope you post a blog piece after your journey because I’d LOVE to know how well it goes on a train. That’s a bucket list item of mine to ride the rails through Canada and California and end up back in Utah at the Union Pacific Depot in Salt Lake City. In fact, if you have a lay over there (probably not, I suspect you’ll be going along a southern line) let me know. I’d love to come meet you! But have fun regardless of the worries, in fact toss them over your shoulder when you get on the train and just relax. That’s the POINT of a ‘vacation’ isn’t it?

    My own plan was to buy property in an area that I knew was going to go up in value and it’s done that. I can get about $50,000 more than I put into this place if I sell it, even paying off the mortgage. To me that’s HUGE. And I can’t spend it. I also put a sizable chunk into ‘hard’ currency (gold and silver coins) as another hedge because my success at investing is dismal and I’ve gotten burned (the crash in 2008 – wasn’t it?) that wiped out a lot of savings for me. I just don’t trust anyone enough to let them handle my money, good on you for being wiser than I! It’ll work fine.

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  2. Well, he told me that he wouldn’t take my account because my timeline for life is too short. So, next week, after I get back from this trip, I will be looking at how to deal with cashing out my accounts to give them some short-term stability.

    Meanwhile, I’ve done a similar train trip with Mom (2003, when she brought the younger two middle cousins / grandsons / nephews out to visit me). We had a good time going from SFO to Los Angeles, and I got us a sleeper car to ensure that Mom could rest during this long travel.

    It worked out great, and the boys loved the magician that came with the trip, and was in the “scenic” car for their entertainment.

    This will be a different route, and I’d love to get to the Canadian Rockies next year or the year after, if the money holds out. You never know – we might end up traveling together, LOL.

    Go look at Amtrak’s website – lots of great information on that to help you dream your ideal route.

    As for our schedule, I did look at letting you know we’d be in town – we come through about 3am your time, which is a crazy time to try and say “hi” when I’m only there for about 10 minutes.

    We will meet at some point, though, I’m sure of it.

    Take care.


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