and the giggles.


I am very tired from yesterday’s show.  Had a great time.  Only lost my temper / got short with V a few times (I’m trying to be patient, but everyone and everything is on my last nerve, which is adding to my aggravation).

The new tent went up smoothly.

We didn’t put up the side walls, and the wind was a hassle.

All and all, though, we got through the day.  V did plenty of sales.  I did more than I deserved since I was not at all ready and my products were disorganized.

It was a good day.

Today, however, the nagging congestion and scratchy sore throat are lingering, and my breathing is whispy.  Not enough to do anything to help it, but not “normal”, either.

I had to laugh, though, when I found the above picture among the  gallows humor postings from my COPD-afflicted friends.  At the end of the day, if we can laugh, we’re doing ok.

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