Sleep – I’d love some

Sleep Pattern ending 31JUL17

The graph is Coach Fittie’s way of communicating with me about what I’m doing with regard to my sleep “bank”.

The daily summary, though, is also helpful for seeing how I allocate my sleep from one day to the next, in trying to keep up despite almost constant exhaustion from COPD.

This past weekend was really busy, with Friday including time to get errands done and load the car with the show booth properties.  [Having the toilet clog on Friday added an extra bonus to my schedule, but I managed to get it all unclogged (and am doing more unclogging maintenance today), so that this won’t be a gift that keeps on giving].  Ain’t nobody got time for that !

Meanwhile, Friday night into Saturday, I only got 4.5 hours of sleep before departing for the show on Saturday morning.

After doing more than 12k steps on Saturday, and some minor verbal skirmishing with my business partner, V, who was also in a lot of pain and not taking breaks, we got through the show without killing each other, which is always a good thing.


It is so hard to believe how much work goes into making a show booth look “effortless” as we try and both draw attention with limited flashiness, as well as look elegant despite the makeshift solutions.  I had to laugh, though, as I was proven right in my advice.  My business partner, V, insists on using flashiness on the top layer of the display tables, and it completely overwhelms her designs.

(I haven’t yet emptied the camera, or I’d show you what I mean).

We did have a customer walk up and tell her those exact same words about 10 minutes after I’d brought it up (yay, it wasn’t my big mouth for a change).  The customer informed V that her designs were wonderful but completely overwhelmed by the glittery cloth in the sunlight.  She suggested a simple black velvet.  While V is not having any of it, (the muted top cloth), I’m going to pick up some later this week and see if V will agree to using it during the Santa Cruz show if the glare from the sun is too much once again.

Meanwhile, after sleeping my head off for most of yesterday, to the point where I achieved credit for eight (8) whole hours (yes!), and was also able to get in an hour’s swim despite my tiredness.  Today, I’m jittery enough from the Xopenex I took this morning that I’m now ready to drive to Merced and back to check on a friend who has no phone, so I can’t reschedule.  The one good thing about Xopenex and my nerves, though, is that I feel I could drive to the moon and back right now – it’s equal to a couple dozen espressos for being overstimulated !

Since I can’t exactly reschedule the visit for someone without access to a phone,  I’m glad I found energy from somewhere.

And, I’m glad that V won’t be in the car today, so that I can pull over and nap if I must (something that cannot be accomplished with an audience).

I’m hopeful that V will figure out how to manage her health pain (she’s really suffered yesterday and today, because she wouldn’t slow down on Saturday), as next weekend is a two-day event, and we are both going to need all the patience we have in order to be able to do this show without killing each other before it’s over.

I’m all for trying new venues, but not if it causes hassles between the two of us.  Hopefully, she’ll find her rhythm so that she won’t get depressed and insist that we do indoor shows only.  (Those are so much less profitable).

Meanwhile, I hope whatever you’re doing today, you’re feeling fine and enjoying the Summer weather while we have it.

2 thoughts on “Sleep – I’d love some

  1. Eh. I’ve been waiting for someone to come do a ‘home check’ with me. Now, I suspect the call I got was either someone really new to the whole process or b) they were trying to get the old couple that used to own my landline number and they were too stupid to realize that they had reached me. I never scheduled any home check, but the program I’m getting in line with, which is interactive with health care professionals to figure out a schedule and get me on it and make sure my home is ‘safe’ and all that stuff is why I wasn’t too sure the home check wasn’t part of it. But nobody has shown up and I’ve gotten a couple of screwy phone messages (automated) this morning, so I think they’re needing to fix their own system. So I didn’t do anything today. I WAS going to the store to get some things, but tomorrow will suffice. I’m sorry that your business partner and yourself are going through a rough patch, but pain and chronic illness will do that…makes people tired, cranky and snappish. I hope you do really well, your designs are great and not horribly overpriced, as one sees at so many craft fairs. I like your attitude – one day at a time, one foot in front of the other and always going forward (paraphrased)….that’s what will overcome the obstacles! Take care!

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  2. Thanks. I was really disorganized last weekend in terms of having any kind of product ready for sale (but I did a couple despite myself) so it was a good weekend overall.

    Meanwhile, we’ll work it out. We always do.

    As for you and the home study – please keep me posted. I’d love to know what they do to help, and if there are any costs.

    I’ve been trying to get my Merced friend to look into home help, and she’s having none of it. Today was hard, but I kept my commitment to our friendship, and I’ll go back and check on her in the October time frame. Yes, it’s one day at a time on that front, too.


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