Giving In…

is never my first choice, as I detailed in a post two years ago:

Refusing to Hide

For this morning, my “whispy”ness continues, and I have finally given in and taken a hit off the old Xopenex inhaler, leaving my nerves jangled, and my stomach begging for breakfast.


B45028_M7259-pr.pdfSuch a tiny device to cause such difficulties.  Trust me, I don’t push myself to the point of having to use it, but rather use it as a preventative (so that I can get things done), or as a fixative (after doing too much, usually over the next day or two).

I so love the side effects:

Xopenex Side Effects as it makes me have to eat to calm the wobblieness and shakes, and that sets off the diabetes.  Oh, and the bonus round for adding to my inability to sleep is amazing !

Pulling her hair out.






The last thing you want after a day of shakiness and exhaustion, is to be kept up all night with an inability to actually sleep.

For today, though, it will give me enough energy to get to Merced and back, so it was worth it to be able to breathe.  Maybe.  Just for today, anyway.


2 thoughts on “Giving In…

  1. Nope. They ALL affect me that way, and the ones that don’t (like the Breo Ellipta and Striverdi Respimat) give me heart, eye and back issues. I’m such a princess !

    But, it’s now more than 12 hours later. I’ve eaten my weight in food, and I’ve gotten the jitters out of my body. Time will tell if I get any actual sleep tonight.

    No worries. This is more along the lines of “same crap, different day” for aggravation.


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