Jesus Knows I'm right

I am spending a lot of time doing yet another round of paperwork for the Insurance Company, as they are trying everything they know to deny me my matching medical benefits.

Since I’m already in a pissy mood for having to justify my existence, seeing pictures all over the media and facebook about man’s inhumanity to man is draining the last bit of civility from me.  I’m in my own head without adult supervision, and it’s not helping.

In particular, I’m having problems with everyone (which says that the problem is my own piss-poor attitude) and their reliance on Jesus-Christ-as-their-PERSONAL-savior, to the point where some of my family and friends are calling on their “prayer warriors” on an hourly basis for everything including a stubbed toe.

Debate on Gods Favor 2017

Don’t get me wrong, I know I have it better than many as I have a safe place to live, adequate food, and enough funds to enable a life of luxury any way one looks at it.  Because, in a capitalistic society, anyone who sits on their duff and doesn’t work has a luxurious life.

But, as I read calls for “Prayer Warriors”, and referring to God as “Dad”, and bemoaning the fact that everything from a case of deteriorating sight to a new roof on the inn can be fixed by prayer, it just leaves me tired.

I don’t have the answers.  However, I do believe that prayers can’t hurt and should be a silent thing.  I don’t believe that prayers help anyone except the person praying offload a burden (kind of like writing this blog).


And, while I’m not a fan of the atheist point of view, as often it’s confrontational and argumentative, I also believe in being practical, which many atheist/s appear to be:









At the end of the day, I don’t know if Jesus knows or cares what any of us are going through.  But I have made the conscious decision to be the best person I can, and try and ignore all the rest of the “I’m right” b.s. about everyone’s invisible friend as the bible also says that “God helps those who help themselves”:


Truly, I just don’t think that Jesus has a facebook account:

20429866_1964642877105521_8667495880718464177_n  20245965_1964642863772189_7884693545644016970_n


2 thoughts on “Unsupervised

  1. The point (IMHO) of the “Jesus reliance crowd” is a matter of perspective. For myself it’s a comfort to feel He is watching out for me and will be there to help if I need it. And some have called me a delusional deity worshipper because of it. Whatever. They’re entitled to their opinion on the subject as are you.

    Personally I find the rabid you MUST believe as I believe or be damned etc etc etc idiot to be someone who is maybe insecure themselves about their own faith or point of view and therefore feel ramming it on everyone around them is the way to combat that. I have a friend who is married to such a person and the guy makes me want to hurl. He’s even been cautioned about being too pushy about his beliefs and making others uncomfortable or downright hostile.

    And she even said to me that sometimes she thinks he is too religious. Now THERE’S the crux of the whole thing. Spiritual people don’t need religion. Religion appears to be the problem for most people, whatever side of the God equation they may be on. Religion is man-made, spirituality is communication with God (whatever name one calls Him (or her) by). Well to me. Again, I’m too wordy, but I got the point over I think. Take care Joanne.

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  2. No, you made your point perfectly, and I agree that prayer is helpful. What I don’t agree with, and which you’ve pointed out perfectly, is the overly pushy / pious dealing with their own insecurity, by their demanding others join them in their leadership of their version of faith.

    I miss the days when religion was personal and private.


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