Screened in Deck

Repair work.


Hate it !


I’ve also found out that I am biased, as I wouldn’t hire the hispanic guy without a contractors license, but I (apparently) have no such problem with the white guy who is working on a unit down the street.

Sadly biased.

But, I can see the quality of the work he’s doing (even if he’s slow), and I can figure out how to put in my own make-shift ramp at some point, if we can just get the danged screened-in porch done, and done correctly.

The first guy wanted $1,600.  This new guy wants $1,800 + a possible $950 more if we do the steps the way I want them done.

Not sure how it will all turn out, but for now I’m just doing what I must to get this part of the work done and moving on in life.

I guess I am a racist, though, since I’m paying more for what amounts to the same type of work.  Only time will tell if it’s going to be worth the extra cost.

For now, I don’t want a built-in (visible) ramp, and I don’t want an elevator to get me from the street level to the porch.

Mostly, I’m thinking about what is needed to get this done with the least amount of cost but which will give the best bang for resale value and actual, practical, use while I own it.

This guy has also quoted $300 per window for replacing them.  Those are next, after the screened in deck is completed.

I’d also like to replace the front and back doors with something sturdier, but I can live with what I have, if I must.

At some point, it will be time for repainting the entire thing, and seeing if I’m going to replace the skirting with something a little better looking and which, given its design, is easier to hide any angles or tilting of the skirting.  Time will tell what I can afford vs. what I desire for the finished product.


2 thoughts on “Screened in Deck

  1. Aw nuts. Racist because you won’t hire an unlicensed contractor? No! I’m getting very tired of the race card being played by everybody of a different culture if they’re not getting their way. Get it done properly by someone who can be held accountable if the work isn’t up to par, instead of hiring someone who can do as poor a job as they like, because what will you be able to do if you don’t like it? Not much. As you state – the legal guy brings more to the table in terms of the resale of your home, and that’s the bottom line. Not the color of somebody’s skin. Feh.


  2. Neither is “legal” as neither has a contractor’s license. Without a contractor’s license, it’s going to be hard to hold him accountable. But, we’re clarifying the contract to put in writing EXACTLY what I want and what he’ll charge for worst-case pricing. Time will tell…


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