Clinical Trials – NAFLD or NASH

Science 37 - NASH Trial

As I wrote about in an earlier post:

As the disease progresses

I’m dealing with the latest complications of obesity / diabetes as it relates to COPD, as I have now developed non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.

When I talked to my endocrinologyst about whether or not Metformin was an option for dealing with both my diabetes AND the NAFLD, she was very quick to point out that she wanted me to concentrate on dietary monitoring and weight loss vs. putting me on Metformin.  While she was clear to say that she’d put me on Metformin if it looked like I needed it, she had no problem with me participating in a clinical trial for NAFLD if I chose.

Great.  I’d rather try something than nothing, so I followed up with the folks at Science 37, and we’ll see if I am a candidate for their clinical trial.

If nothing else, I’ll get 6 months worth of monitoring while either on a placebo or their drug, and I will also get 2 additional CT scans at someone else’s cost.

Sounds fine by me.

Yes, I understand that a trial drug, if chosen to take it, can cause problems.  But, I’d rather be trying to fix myself than simply chalk it all up to obesity and laziness and do nothing.

So we’ll give it some time and we’ll see if I’m chosen.  I’ve gone through their preliminary screening, and I should hear back from someone at some point.

How about you?

If you feel that you’re not being heard, do you go out and try and find your own solutions?

2 thoughts on “Clinical Trials – NAFLD or NASH

  1. Do I try to find my own solutions? Depends on my mood. If I’m feeling scrappy and inquisitive, yeah. If I’m in one of those gray areas where blah is the main thing going, no; not until the obvious stupidity/inanity of whatever pap the medical professional is trying to pass off bothers me so much that I must do something about it. These days I mainly go with the flow. It’s too hot to fuss. 😉 I AM glad to see you writing again! 😀

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  2. I’ve been in a rough place, that I won’t describe as depression, but I will say it was hampered by repeated warnings (now ID’d as generic) from the lawyer to NOT write anything, not participate in social media, and be “aware” of the man for spying on me.

    It took my normal paranoia to new depths as I was trying to fight through all the b.s. about being terminated, losing my healthcare benefits AND having my income messed with.

    I’ve written the lawyer to get him off my back with generic admonitions, and I am still juggling a generally tired viewpoint and status for not writing much if it’s only going to be doom and gloom.

    Can’t say I’m back to being myself, but I’m up every day and trying despite all the challenges. We’ll see how long it takes to quiet things down and get me back to normal. For now, though, I’m still trying to find my balance and get out of my own way. The heatwave is NOT helping for motivating me, but we’ll see how it goes over time.

    I’ll be back to catch up on my reading, too, at some point. Thanks for your patience in hanging in with me.


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