Denial. I live there.


I have pared my life down to fit into 720 square feet, and I still have too much stuff.  I’m trying to get rid of as much as possible to reduce my need to maintain this space clutter-free on my own, but it’s tough when you have help creating clutter…

Gifts.  Do we really need to give people so many gifts?

At this point in time, my gift list includes only things that are transient.  Desert.  Flowers. Something that won’t last or need to be maintained.  Anything else in my house is a hassle.  And yet I bought more clutter on my recent trip.

I am guilty of giving gifts.  I am guilty of enjoying clutter.  Clutter that *I* created vs. clutter that people give me to help me to expand upon despite my best efforts to pare back.

The one thing that helps me live in denial is my cat, Katie, formerly a feral, and now a 100% domesticated diva.

When you look at all the kitty crap I have around my house (a tree, various toys, any place that I’m occupying, she must must also fit, etc., etc., etc.), I can live in denial and blame most of the clutter on Ms. Katie.

Denial.  I live there.


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