As the diseases progress


… it seems like it’s always something.

The lovely news I received while traveling recently was that a CT Scan of the abdomen now costs about $6k (luckily, my portion this time appears to be only $299 – crazy, but I’ll take it) and that the expenditure of funds has shown a large change in my health, even if the adrenal tumor has not grown (yay!  one positive bit of news).

Secondly, it appears that my right side pain may be directly traced to fatty liver disease, verging on cirrhosis of the liver, in a case of what they are calling non-alcoholic fatty liver disease or NAFLD.

It’s great to have the potential source of pain identified.

It sucks to have yet another complication to my health.  Especially one with such an ominous name and threatening complications.

Everything I’m reading says that I have to keep my intake of protein up, as that’s kinder on the liver than anything else that I might want to eat.  Additionally, the studies I’ve found are indicating that Metformin, the diabetes medicine, may help to make inroads in fighting NAFLD.  Of course, I’m not on Metformin or anything else, given the crappy non-care that I received from my prior endocrinologist.   None of these findings were on the CT scan from 2015, so (until I hear otherwise from the new Endo), I’m going to presume that the lack of decent care I received from that prior doctor contributed to a major health complication that being on Metformin might have prevented.

*** I’m not a doctor.  This is not a medical conclusion ***

Everything that I’m reading in trying to understand this latest complication seems to indicate that my trying to stick to a mostly-protein diet was the right thing to do, and also seems to indicate that Metformin may offer some hope in the future.

In reality, I won’t know until the end of June / early July what any of this may mean as we begin yet another round of appointments with my doctors.

So, I continue to try and remain busy and active, and continue to try not to worry about anything that I cannot control.

Graphics like this don’t help, though:

Fatty Liver Progressin

(The next image after Cirrhosis is “Liver Cancer”.  I decided to ignore that part for now).

Especially when the test results summary describes my liver damage as:  “hepatomegaly and severe hepatic steatosis”.  (Makes it seem like I have hepatitis, but in reality all that translates to NAFL, leaving hepatitis as a less likely but possibly complicating condition.  Which is what I understand from the reading).  Additionally, “The liver has additional morphologic changes which may represent early cirrhosis.  Liver and billary tree:  Enlarged liver with extensive diffuse hepatic hypo-attenuation, mildly lobulated contours and widened fissures.”  (Lovely.  Don’t you want fissures?  Just reading the word makes it sound ominous).

Plus, bonus round, where my original 2015 report showed no signs of “atelectasis”, this report now shows mild left basal atelectasis (collapse of the lung for us laypeople).

I don’t know why I bother to get the medical diagnosis of the various things going wrong with my tired old body, since I already have a chronic health challenge, but I guess it helps me figure out where to interfere, and where to let nature take its course.  Or, something like that.

Nothing more to add at this point, as I’ve started to try and work on rehab of the screened in porch, and the selection of workers is driving me mad.

Life continues to be good overall, and we’ll see what happens from here.

3 thoughts on “As the diseases progress

  1. Dang. That complication you do NOT need. 😦 I’m sorry to hear, but glad you got some answers. That, my friend, seems to be rare…most physicians now seem to throw some pills at anyone, with any problem, instead of trying to figure out WHY the problem exists. It’s not a good time to be elderly or chronically ill, is it? (not that you’re the former… uh..)

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Ha ! We’re both elderly according to Silicon Valley speak (anybody over 35 – 40 is pretty much in their dottage, LOL). And, since we’re both disabled, it truly is a challenge to fall into those categories.

    On the good side, I’m not officially terminated yet (no idea why), so I have medical coverage for the next two appointments, I hope, so long as the paperwork doesn’t arrive… Fingers crossed.


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