There used to be a time when I was pro-mail. Couldn’t wait to see my name on an envelope. Couldn’t wait to open it all up and see what wonderful surprises awaited me.

Now? Not so much.

It’s not that I get bad news in the mail. It’s just that I’m able to leave it in piles all around the house and never actually get around to opening it up more than once or twice a month.

Not sure what gives with this new non-habit of mine.  (A non-habit is an aversion to doing anything in a timely manner. Not putting away the groceries.  Not opening the mail. Generally, pilling everything for review later, and making “later” much more onerous than it needs to be).

I met with the lawyer to put together my will, etc., and he sent me off with my marching orders. Did I do what I was supposed to be doing in a timely manner?  Nope.

Even though I signed up for the appointment and determined that getting my paperwork in order was a priority for me before doing anything else.

Every day I get out of bed and go do things that I’ll enjoy doing more that day than “adulting”.  “Adulting” includes the following necessary categories that have fallen by the wayside in my home:

– Cleaning

– Cooking

– Gardening

– Bill Paying / Mail opening

Don’t get me wrong – I cook every few weeks or so in order to avoid cooking daily. I am the queen of microwave re-heating.  I also enjoy gardening, and have a variety of plants in my yard waiting my attention to complete their interment in the Spring fresh ground. Ditto cleaning. There’s no dead bodies or spiders around, but clutter abounds.  And, I’ve already covered the monthly effort to pay bills (every 22-25th, I’m all over that necessity).

Otherwise, I’ve pretty much chucked “adulting” by the wayside and simply do what I want while my energy lasts. Going for a walk to get in my necessary steps each day.   Driving and taking pictures. Meeting with friends for dinner or a movie.  Napping.  Lots and lots of napping…  Listening to audio books or music. Building shelves and getting the shed organized.

My house looks like my long-conquered ADD / HD had taken over my life once again, with lots and lots of half-finished projects and activities.

Anybody else have problems “adulting”?  Inquiring minds would love to know.


2 thoughts on “Mail-aversion?

  1. MEEEE! You’ve (apparently) fallen victim to a rather odd phenomenon. I live with it, and dozens of other older people (men and women both) who are dealing with age, disability and forced retirement or outright retirement because they finally hit the magic number (whatever that is this week), and who are single either through choice or because their s.o. died. I don’t know what to call the phenomenon, but you’ve described the SYMPTOMS precisely. Someone I used to know called this state of being his ‘yearly ennui’ but what happened, at least with me was that ‘yearly’ got changed to ‘permanent” somewhere. I just CANNOT get interested in ‘adulting’ (good term) any more. I don’t cook (except sporadically) because I don’t want stuff around that I know I’ll eat at the wrong time, I don’t open mail or sort it (except to pick out the ‘important’ stuff – and even that’s beginning to be a hit or miss proposition given the number of final notices that have shown up in the past month or two). It’s not that I CAN’T pay my bills, I just don’t care enough to make sure they’re done. My house is clean (if you don’t look in closets or in my ‘private’ space ((my computer den/room) because I pay someone to do that. Laundry is done only when something begins to walk around on it’s own or because I run out of clothes. All this stuff needing to be done is bothering me on a HUGE scale, but I cannot seem to find the motivation to actually do something about it. Cleaning the car is another area. I shovel it out (usually of old mail that I throw on the passenger side floor until Huny gets lost in there), and this has made my garage a thing of organizational horror too due to the sacks of unshredded paper lying around. I hope things don’t denigrate to this level for YOU. I really do. Because the more that it is ignored, the larger the problem gets. >sigh< It's time to call up those folks that helped me when I moved and have an intervention done with regard to my closet, laundry room and garage. And damn. this comment was LONG…sorry 'bout that!

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  2. I’m sorry, I’m just seeing this now. How are you doing with the “adulting” and the past-due bills?

    In my case, I put most of the essentials on “auto-pay” on a credit card, leaving me only 1 bill to pay each month that covers 12 other smaller bills. Efficient, AND it also allows me to earn cash back, LOL.

    As for my house… horrors. Truly, I’d looking like some hoarders nightmare. We’ll see if I can get some of it picked up tomorrow, but for today, nothing was done.

    Hang in there and take care of yourself.

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