A Rose is a Rose is a Rose


” Don’t eat that! ” is my pet peeve.

I’ve been dealing with the drama of finding a new endocrinologist to help with my diabetes status, while also feeling that “all full up at the inn” for any other opinions about how I should be living my life.

I have a wonderful former roomie who means well, but her new-agey viewpoint is getting on my last nerve.

She’s decided that all my problems relate to “inflammation”, and that changing my diet will fix all my problems.

I get that she’s coming at me with love, but until she gets her medical degree, I need her to leave this topic alone.

Yes, “inflammation” is part of my problem, however, part of that inflammation is caused by fruits and vegetables – all things that I cannot eat (and certainly not in “raw” form) – and I need her to pick another topic as her anxiety about my disease is not a burden I can take on.  Not now, not ever.  Death is a part of life, yes, but I’m not dead yet.  Please don’t bury me prematurely.  Please don’t discount my 56 years of experience in living and dealing with this disease.  Please just back the f**k off !  Oh, and love you.  Mean it.

7 thoughts on “A Rose is a Rose is a Rose

  1. Shaking my head. I do NOT know why and will never understand the ‘diabetes is a one size fits ALL’ disease. That what works for this person will work for EVERYONE with the condition. To me? Diabetes is a balancing act. It’s important to know our own bodies and to choose our battles (mine is with drinking soda. I KNOW it’s ‘not good for me’ so don’t tell me yet AGAIN that I HAVE to stop. It’s my choice isn’t it??) And I’m trying to change my lifestyle to include recommended ‘cures’ (bad choice of word, diabetes isn’t curable) like exercise and vegetables, neither of which greatly appeal to me.

    I DO NOT understand why people feel entitled to yap on about what works for THEM or what they’ve observed working for others if they don’t even have the freakin’ disease. Consider that some of us can’t easily digest roughage in large quantities and end up feeling exponentially worse by trying to eat it.

    Welcome to the having to justify our lives to others club. We have t-shirts and cold drinks…

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    1. They need to give us an “edit” button the comments. Seriously. I type way too fast to keep up with my racing brain, and then proofing looks good. It’s a couple of hours before I find the missing words and mashed together nonsense. No worries, though, twin of my heart – I get what you meant.

      Oh, and joke of the day? My diabetes is lower IF I misbehave and have things on the “shouldn’t” list. Crazy.

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  2. Felix, I agree 20 buck a pound goat cheese sounds expensive. I myself have never made cheese, maybe it contains mothers milk. The upstate experience is best when one can cook for thveselmes, say in a backyard with bears looming and wine flowing.


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