Whispy vs Low BG

78k fixer upper

If you look at the upper left on this picture, you can see the door to the side porch on the day I made my offer to purchase the tin can I’m grateful to call a home.

This place needed / still needs a lot of work.

Today’s agenda – the tacky screened door.  White-trash-on-parade gloriously tacky with all of it’s hillbilly cheapness of repairs.


I absolutely understand do-it-yourself ideas.  Yesterday’s efforts for creating a raised planter garden (so that I’m not winded bending over to weed) is a perfect example of repurposing things to make a cheap fix or easy-to-maneuver solution:


But, I will never, never, never understand the Seller’s daughter thinking I would allow her to “replace” my flooring prior to my moving in when this was her idea of a reasonable fix – cardboard! – on a screen door.

I do love the fact that she so “thoughtfully” painted the dark brown box white to help it blend in with the rest of the door frame.  That was a classic hillbilly / white-trash-on-parade touch.*

So, today’s agenda was to find a way to get that danged door off the frame in order to have the professionals replace the screen.  No such luck.

Whispy and shakey while I was fighting the door to get it out of the frame, I decided I must be having a low blood sugar moment so, I called it quits to go back into the house and get breakfast and my meds.

Ideally, low bg (blood glucose) should occur only under 70.

Ideally, one keeps their bg between 70 and 130 when not eating.  Or, by two hours after eating, to be back under the 130 mark.

In my case, when I get whispy, it can have two causes.  Crappy breathing / oxygenation, or crappy blood sugar.

Since my bg reading was 144 the problem was breathing related and not blood sugar related.

I still stopped what I was doing and had breakfast and my meds, but it’s so irritating to be having a good morning, only to have to stop everything because my system was warning me I was on the verge of a meltdown and needed to take a break.

Homey just doesn’t have time fot this !


* Hillbilly = Please don’t get upset by my choice of labels.  I know what I am, and label it accordingly.  I come from VERY stubborn pioneering folk on one side of my family.  They are the very practical part of my personality.

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