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7126-v5 Music

Information images-7or even  images-4


then there’s the obvious, images-6  Achievements images-2


So many different ways to deal with defining “record”.

In my case, records deal with paperwork (ugh) or music / videos / photos of a lovely day. The best is, of course, music.  Music brings back memories of moments in time in their full color and immediacy, so I’m glad that I was born in the digital age, where it’s all combined

and available as a public record Public Record

While public records deal with justice, or lack of impartiality, they can also be used to return segments from my youth:







and Harry:


all entertainers that I’ve been lucky enough to share time with on a lovely Summer’s evening (the best concerts are always in the Summer, IMHO).  Musical Records are the best public records of all.

5 thoughts on “Record

  1. You did the impossible…you introduced me to a whole slew of songs that Harry did that I’d never heard of!! Thanks for sharing ! And how sad. Flowers are red, young man, and green leaves are green…teachers need to be careful of what they teach young minds.. :O

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    1. Oh, my favorite was going through the clearance racks at a shop called “Strawberries” in the Boston area in the 80’s. Anything with a knotch in the record holder was dirt cheap, and I got some of my favorites through “crate digging”, too.

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