275k and Whining


I’ve been busy trying to find the positives in my life.  Going to City Council meetings.  Getting to know the pace of my small-ish new home.

Everywhere I look, I see potential.  Beauty and potential amid way too much construction.  The town council is trying to make the downtown area “walkable”, and is trying to control the growth of the city such that it doesn’t lose its charm.


They (the City Council) has made a great deal of effort to add charm into the design of the expanded downtown area.  I know that the spider on the side of the main parking garage is not a piece of art that I would have chosen, but… Art is art and it stimulates conversation, especially if one lives in tarantula country and they are trying to encourage visitors to their festivals and street fairs.

So, we had a City Council meeting this week, and there was some incredible whining on facebook about the “immigrant” problem, about whether or not Selectmen (members of the council) are “real” Americans, and who is related to who.

On top of that, there was some whining about out of control housing expansions, parking, and whines of “who are all these people entering our town???”.  Things along the lines of, “I have lived here 13 years…”  Craziness.


In addition to all of this, the homeless encampments have been springing up along Monterey Road, as people desperate to stay safe and dry in the Winter storms are doing what they can to survive.


If our own City Council and citizens won’t address the issue of affordability to keep people off the street, who will?

I am struggling to stay afloat, to keep my sh*t together and pay what I owe while taking care of myself.  While I’ve done an amazing job since December (it’s been like magic, how my little bit of $ have stretched to get me through the month), I am really struggling with despair over how much my fellow citizens just want everyone who is not them to hurry up and die or fade away.

If we won’t help each other, then why the heck are we here?

I know the spider cost $275k.  Ridiculous, I agree.  But, it’s an investment in the future.  It doesn’t mean that we don’t care about each other.  It doesn’t mean that we aren’t helping the homeless and impoverished.

Rather, it means that we have hope for the future.  That we are continuing to invest in things for tomorrow, while not ignoring what’s happening around us today.

The whiners drive me crazy, as nothing is every “perfect” enough for them, while they sit in their clean homes with their running water and warmth, planning their vacations, and just want any expenditure that doesn’t specifically benefit them to be cut.

Sad.  Because the benefits you cut today for others may be the benefits that you need tomorrow for yourself.  Even if it’s only from self-interest, can y’all stop whining for 5 minutes while we take care of each other?  The person you help today may be the person who gives back and helps you tomorrow…

Just sayin’

2 thoughts on “275k and Whining

  1. I was in my former home city today and the comparison between that place and my home today is staggering (growing to huge city versus small town sort of clinging to the vine)…our city council and mayor have a similar attitude towards things – they like the small town feel and the tourism garnered from it and are harsh about development (at least as far as I’ve heard). The homeless are less a problem up here, maybe because it is so small, but there are a few die hards that you see staggering (in some cases) around with packs on their backs, and bundled to the teeth in 3-4 coats, old hats and raggedy clothing. They (apparently) are the hobos of yesteryear – those people (I understand there are women who did it too, not just guys) who lived on the rails of the nation and rode the trains until they were evicted and then set up temporary camps in ‘wild’ areas (there’s a small strip of undeveloped land near me with a lot of trees and they had a camp in there for a while. It looks like the cops have moved them on now or it got too cold with all the snow this winter. I don’t pretend to understand that lifestyle and the new ones (as you’ve blogged about before) play at homelessness as if it were some sort of game. For those who are forced into it by abrupt loss of jobs, bankruptcy, bad business decisions, not enough savings to get them through a given crisis etc…I’m sure it is no game and is distinctly not funny nor desirable. I’m never very sympathetic to any of them, I give to established charities and food banks and so I feel I do my part. And it’s going to get worse IMHO – as the country gets deeper in the rabbit hole, the ‘weaker’ ones are going to end up on the street probably. I count both of us as fortunate that we do have a safe place with four walls and a roof, and that we don’t have to make the decisions that some of those homeless people do every day. Good post! Thought provoking!

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