Stress Eating


One of the key things about being a resilient personality is the fact that I keep circling around an issue.

However, when I’m stressed I also eat.  Tell me that I may not make it through the month with enough foods, medicine and heat?  Yea, I eat.  Very counter-productive.

So, to save money, you know I end up making all those foods that are affordable, but which don’t go well with my diabetes issue, and which solve nothing while adding to my challenges.  (Noodles, rice, breads).

This Winter, as I’ve struggled to stay healthy and get by, I’ve also put on about 11 pounds.  Most of it’s from being too tired and cold to move, and some of it’s from the rain keeping me indoors.  Plus no funds to pay for the YMCA medicine to keep me exercising.

It may not sound like much, “11 pounds”, but it’s huge when one is normally between 195 and 205 (200 lbs is my normal weight), and I’m finding that my weight is now steadily at 207 to 211.

Cooking all Winter to help keep the house warm is not helping my diet.  I did try adding Chinese 5 spice to my last order of sugar cookies (since I found that I did NOT have gingerbread cookie mix in the house), and I put cinnamon on the outside of the cookie in a (small) effort to keep the bad blood sugar mojo down.  Yes, the anise in the 5 spice mix ensures that I don’t eat that many, so it’s a good thing, but I’m still eating.

However, with all my examination of my blood sugar in my effort to test at least once a day, I’ve now found that my test meter clock is messed up.  I tested around 10am this morning, and my meter says that I tested at 5:15 am.  And that today is the 7th of February and not the 10th.  As if !

I need to get 5,001 things done today, as I have a show tomorrow, yet here I am messing around with yet another time waster.  Disorganized, much?

Time to step away from the computer and concentrate on the things that I can control – errands, banking, post office stuff.

Everything else can wait until later to be addressed.


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