Eating Despite It All


Today’s breakfast is pretty typical since I was diagnosed as having a diabetic complication to my already aggravating COPD.


651 calories.  Dishes to wash.  Time to kill.

I don’t know about you, but when it’s cold I eat more.  One factor is that running the stove or baking helps to warm the house.  Another factor is that Mom would always cook on stormy snow days.

This whole thing of tracking my food and general state of wellness is getting on my last nerve.  And the dishpan hands aren’t any fun in the cold weather, either.



When I look at yesterday’s food, I know where I went wrong even though the calorie intake was low.  8 slices of toast, even though it’s only 70 calories a slice of cinnamon toast with butter and cinnamon on top (cinnamon, by the way, is supposed to be good for balancing blood sugars).  But, that toast kept me going from 10am to 6pm.

My dinner was another challenging meal because I made a sandwich vs. having my chicken plain.  At approximately 600 calories, with yet another glass of water, it kept me going until almost midnight.

I broke down about 8pm, when tiredness set in (the rain really aggravates the underlying exhaustion) so I had a few candy corns.

At 11:30pm, after doing very little all day beyond clean the litter box, take the trash bins to the curb, and FINALLY conquer the proper installation of the “whisper shut” Mayfair brand toilet seat, I was starving again.

Personally, I blame the Mayfair company as it took 3 rewatches of a youtube installation video.  Dental floss tying of the rubber grommets to the hinges (so that they wouldn’t fall off or move during the install), plus the purchase of a special socket wrench to get it on and tightened properly.  I’d been trying to get this done correctly since before my Thanksgiving dinner guests arrived, and at almost 3 months of effort, is a whole new record in ridiculousness for me.

Buying Hint:  if there’s a video showing how to install a toilet seat, then choose a different one !

However, the Cadillac brand of toilet seats is now installed, so I can go back to my plan B and plan C procrastination projects – b) installing curtains in my bedroom (they need to be cut shorter), and c) building the storage cabinet for my bathroom so that I can clean up the sink area.

I’ve had the curtains since July, and the rods since Christmas.  I’ve had the cabinet since New Years.  (Love me some holiday sales!).

That being said, though, I did have a point when I began this blog.  Breakfast, and how to have a good meal despite all the glycemic index guidelines, necessities of cooking (hint:  using the microwave makes a lovely, fluffy omlet, and you don’t need to add butter for it to taste great).

I’m doing what I can to keep to my diet and eat only two meals a day (because that supports my financial diet), and I can’t stress enough the importance of ketchup.  No matter how sick of omlets you may be (and of dishpan hands!), ketchup helps to keep it all in balance.

2 thoughts on “Eating Despite It All

  1. You are doing so well!! Your endocrine person should be proud! And yes the addition of carefully selected sauce does add a zip to what might become otherwise boring or same ol/same ol meals. Glad to see you taking a few minutes to write today, I’ve missed the witticisms and sage advice about life that you provide so generously! 🙂

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  2. Thanks. I’ve been pretty grumpy as of late, and not wanting to harp on the same themes over and over again. So, I wasn’t writing while I was busy thinking and having Der Fuhrer taking up my extra brain cells on the fb place.

    While I’m stuck in the rut of aggravatingly repetitive blogs, I’m hoping that they won’t be as grumpy as they otherwise might be if I didn’t think things through before taking to the keyboard. I’m almost to the end of January for catching up on backlog blogs, but I’ll be looking forward to seeing what you’ve written.


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