Authortarian Shaman.



I don’t react well to people ignoring my questions.

B, my diabetes buddy, called me for company to go to a wellness seminar on new ways to treat diabetes, and I was happy to accompany her.  (B found us the website: a few years back, and I found a full Saturday’s worth of seminars and discussions very helpful for finding a way to live with my diabetes).

So, she called me and we went.

The talk was very interesting.  He is a former Civil Engineer, as well as a Chiropractor, who claims to have found the solution to all of life’s ills.  Good for him.

A charismatic speaker, he got my back up when he said that there would be “no questions” during his 45 minute talk, and that we could ask questions later.  Fine.  But, then he went right into the “sign up now to save money” spiel, and took no questions.  (I guess they put him off his rhythm).

I am all for alternative therapies, but I am not made of money at this time.  Dr. Pierce claimed that his introductory consultation is “normally” $250 but for a short period of time, participants at the dinner seminar could get it for the “discount” price of $49 (gee… enough to cover the cost of the dinner and the hall???.  He claimed that he would be happy to work with folks who were on Disability or Social Security with a limited income, so long as you could afford “a couple hundred dollars” each month for a few months of testing.

Well, that let’s me out.  I don’t have much, certainly not during the Winter when I’m trying to keep this place warm enough to remain healthy and not be sending all my hard earned $$$ up the chimney.

So, I raised my hand to ask, “Do you have an attendance coupon or something similar so that I can schedule and appointment with you once I have my tax return?”  His reply:  “Nope.  For you the cost will be $249.  Health is clearly not a priority in your life.”

Funny, because I’ve been cruising their website, and I see where I can get an initial consultation for $0.  Hmmm…


As I’ve been going through this battle to remain well, I have chosen to take a lot of dietary supplements that MAY help, as I know that I cannot tolerate many of these through their normal source (Fruits and Vegetables).  Currently, I’m taking:

Blood sugar balance:

– Cinnamon (1,000 mg/day)

– Turmeric Complex (400 mg/day)

– Fenugreek (610 mg / day

COPD / Asthma / Energy balance:

– Vitamin E (400 IU / day) – eyes, Asthma supplement (and, eyes may be a b.s. issue, too)

– Vitamin D3 (2,00o IU / day)

– Potassium (99 mg / day) – swollen, painful feet – respiratory Doc’s recommendation

* includes B6 (2 mg / day) – podiatrist’s rec to help with swollen burning feet

– Marshmallow Root (480 mg / day) – to help reduce congestion /mucus

Menopause / peri-menpause heat flash balance:

– Maca Root (25 mg / day) – cut my hot flashes almost immediately

– Green Tea (315 mg / day)

– Black Cohosh (540 mg / day)

I am not against alternative therapies.  But, I am very much against dealing with authoritarians.  Even if it is for my own best health.

So, B signed up for the sessions and I’ll see how she does over time.  As for me, I start with the new Endocrinologist this week (let’s pray she’s better than the last one), and we’ll see what she has to say about Dr. Pierce’s method of working.

Maybe she knows of him.

Maybe she’s a fan.

Time will tell which road I’m taking, but for now I’m skipping the Shaman.

3 thoughts on “Authortarian Shaman.

  1. I’m aghast. Yes. Aghast! What kind of idiot proclaiming to be a ‘doctor’ (even with a score of degrees) hasn’t learned to TALK to his potential clientele?!? LISTEN to them?? I feel you ‘dodged a bullet’ personally. I hope your friend, B, has great results to share with you, but I suspect she’ll become discouraged. I went to several of these (not for diabetes, but for finances) sorts of seminars with hubby and he almost ALWAYS drank the kool-aid and was willing to invest sometimes thousands of dollars that we didn’t have in various schemes. Poor hubby. He never figured out that once they had the dollars in their fist, his interest to them became negligible. Only once did I see someone who really tried to work with hubby to make the scheme pay off. Hubby didn’t have the right qualifications – you have to work really hard in order to make the ‘easy’ money the seminars promised. Hubby wanted easy money. Period.

    Nothing to do with diabetes at all, but the oil salesman is the same as his fellows in the financial arena. There is a local snake oil salesman who has gotten a few oldsters in my community up here…he sells ‘promises’ of increased energy and decreased or a complete cessation of nerve pain. His initial fee for sharing his wonder with you? $2000. One woman I know here with more money than sense (IMHO) paid it. She got two ‘sessions’ (of less than half hour each) with the ‘doctor’ (he didn’t have the impressive credentials of your guy), and then the man became impossible to get on the phone. She was assigned to an assistant and was expected to travel a good ways to go to one the *koff koff* QUACK koff koff koff* clinics. He assigned her a really weird dietary regime too – weird and expensive (I’m a lay man what do I know, maybe it was the golden pear of diets). No relief at all in her symptoms and she’s actually gotten worse, which to me is directly attributable to the odd way she was supposed to eat – no dairy, no gluten, no carbs.. only certain types of meat or protein. She recently had the first in a series of mini-strokes and I’m thinking she isn’t going to be around too long.

    So watch and listen to B’s journey with this diabetic guru. Form your own opinion. You seem to follow an extremely sensible regime with regard to your diabetes and I don’t get a sense that the doctors have thrown their hands up in despair, as they have with me. I missed my endocrinologist appointment this morning due to the extreme winter conditions. He’s 45-60 minutes away and I simply won’t drive in this stuff.

    Still if some ‘doctor’ who wanted my business told me “you clearly don’t make your health a priority’, he’d have gotten a reaction he probably did not want. After all he needs you, you can choose who is best for YOU. What an idiot is what I’m thinking!

    I hope you share the results of B’s journey (with B’s permission of course). I’d be interested to know how someone proposes to put diabetes in ‘remission’. So far nobody else has succeeded, as far as I know…?

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  2. Oh, you and I are so very much on the same page. Don’t try to crowd me, don’t try to push me, and certainly don’t make your time more important than mine. That’s an instant guarantee that we are not a fit !

    I’m sorry that your hubby couldn’t see through the financial guys. That must have been incredibly frustrating for you ! (Yet another reason why I’m not married – I dislike making decisions by committee).

    B never minds my discussing our stuff as long as her ID is protected, and it’s accurate, so I do plan to share the results of this wellness journey.

    One of my other friends, one who is crazily focused on non-Western medicine, wants me to go see her guy, and I’m not willing to let a true believer that far into my life as I believe and trust Western medicine, but supplement it with whatever else works. This guy that I’m looking at thinks that Western medicine is a ripoff, but he runs a lot of tests and sends you to the Western medicine specialists in the event that he finds something that needs support / further consideration from experts in that field, which is one of the reasons why I thought he might be a good choice.

    However, I *don’t* need someone with a chip on their shoulder telling me that only they are the light and the way to wellness, so I’m pretty slow to adopt new things and don’t do so without a lot of consideration and double-checking. We’ll see what happens a time goes on.


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