COPD & Chills


I’ve been chilled to the bone all day.

Even though the temperature in the house is a toasty 70 degrees (and I cooked to move around and add to the warmth in the house) I’m still freezing.

I was watching a very funny video by Wanda Sykes earlier today,

img_0403Unfortunately, I forgot one of the carnal rules about eating with COPD – do not eat if you’re likely to be surprised by laughter.

I was freezing, so I started the day by making pancakes and hot cocoa to fill the knawing in my belly, and to warm up.  I sat down and took a sip of my cocoa just as Wanda said something totally unexpected, and I began inhaling my cocoa.  Never good, as one cannot do the heimlich maneuver on themselves.

Scary, too, as I know all these things and can feel the air exiting, my lungs spasming, and there’s no way to clear the backup, causing panic and more spasms to kick in.

Diaphram exercises caused my breathing to restart, but I was (and am) dealing with wheezing for the rest of the day.  It’s pouring rain, I can’t go out and walk off my cabin fever, and the paroxysms of coughing are continuing to clog my lungs as my bones ache while my core gets colder and colder.

Hence, the ridiculous opening photo of the Mummy woman, as I try to sweat the chills out of my body and get my energy back.

It works, eventually.

For anyone reading this COPD blog, do you ever get chilled to the bone?  If yes, what tricks and tips can you share for getting back to normal?  Inquiring minds want to know…

3 thoughts on “COPD & Chills

  1. I don’t have COPD, but I do get the chilled to the bone syndrome. It’s new this year, previously I was molten lava at my core (sorta like the earth) and while I didn’t love cold weather, at least I was more comfortable. This year I’ve been cold ALL WINTER. I cannot get warm. This is what I do when I begin to turn blue and shake (and chihuahuas don’t have enough body heat to help. Despite Huny’s goal of warming me up by laying on me, it’s proven ineffective.). Now I know in your new home you are doing the budgetary dance as the new ‘rules’ for what is going to cost what and so forth emerge. But I think this suggestion of mine is worth some money, provided you actually have the equipment necessary to achieve it. If not, heating huge pans of water on the stove works too. Go sit in your bathtub and run the water as hot as you can stand it (if that’s okay with COPD sufferers, I’m not sure about the steam and stuff for your lungs frankly)…and keep replenishing the water if it even cools slightly. Stay in there until you begin to grow gills (or fins) or your fingers and toes turn pruney. Eventually you’ll notice a lessening of the frozen core of your being and will (in the best scenario) feel warmth, even uncomfortable heat at your center. At least that’s how it works for me. And thank God I was smart enough to insist on a BIG TUB when they were building my home…not that it’s been helpful because of the damn knee. I can’t get out of the thing if I get in there and I get weird looks and no progress if I try to find someone to install grab bars (fuck ’em. I’m GETTING GRAB BARS) I miss my tub. But I sit in the standard sized one in the other bathroom and submerge as much of me as I can and scald myself (virtually)…because it will warm you up! The other thing that proved helpful in the past (and which I cannot indulge in any more…my GI tract is messed up enough without it) was to drink hot toddies. My version of a hot toddie was to take a weensy amount of rum (or whiskey), a boat load of honey, brown sugar and butter, and put all this in a very large mug (even a bowl once) and top it up with boiling hot water. Add some lemon. I’d sip that sitting in my hot bath and pretty soon I was warm all over…too warm many times actually. Since I don’t drink any more, I’ve substituted apple cider vinegar for the rum and taken out the sugar and butter. Hot vinegar, lemon and honey sounds weird, but it’s really rather good and it warms you right up! Also (and you probably did this already) get a lot of those fuzzy throw/blanket thingies to burrow under (with Katie if she’ll allow it)…Hey! The smallest bit of heat is always welcomed!


  2. On re-read I noticed I omitted to say add boiling water to the vinegar drink…um. Yeah. The ‘recipe’ is 2 tablespoons vinegar, 2 of honey and two of lemon, fill to top with boiling water. I add more lemon and/or honey to taste.

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  3. Thanks ! Have you tried the suction-cup grab bars? They are about $50 a bar and lock in place on the wall. I would recommend getting two of those and trying them where you want them so that you can ‘test’ the placement to find the perfect spot before you have actual bars permanently installed.

    One warning – I recommend resetting / sealing the bars once a week when you’re doing deep cleaning just so that you’re sure the suction is holding for when you need it most.


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