Abuse of Authority – Hate It


So, I had a strange man knocking on my door this morning.  He was seeking to collect a past-due debt from the prior owner (a seemingly VERY religious older man, about 93 or 94 at the time of his death).

Apparently, the former owner used his position as a Christian to mislead others, and wiped out the savings of a number of older folks.

(Hot Gossip time):  While he was reported to have lost over half a million himself (including his home, causing the move to our mobile home park), he took the guy that was talking to me for $30,000 and this man showed up today to collect another $2,500 on the debt.

While I was sorry to have to inform him that Mr. C had passed away, I was very happy to give him the contact information for the nightmare of a daughter who sold me the place.  (Yes, I’m just that petty when given an opportunity).

I got an earful about all the people, young and old, that Mr. C defrauded under the guise of being a good Christian, as well as a knowledgeable man of means.

Can’t say it made me forgive the daughter any of her reported abuses of her father for leaving him to die in filth, because she’s responsible for her own actions and being hell on wheels to others, but it was entertaining to be able to sic this guy on her.

He’s not likely to get any money repaid from her (I have the impression that money is her God, and that she spends it as fast as she makes it), but I would love for him to try and make her life uncomfortable.  Even just in passing.

And, no.  I still don’t believe in karma.

But I do love a good, juicy story about bad guys having difficulties.  I hate seeing the sheep taken advantage of, even though I know I can’t save anyone but myself.



2 thoughts on “Abuse of Authority – Hate It

  1. Erg. My sympathies! I have a phone number that belonged to some nice old people (have never had any imbeciles trying to collect on debts or anything, but a LOT of church related phone calls for them and a LOT of that scammer/spammer shit that old people get as a given these days)…and I’ve given up trying to direct the misguided ones to the old people. For all I know they’ve died. They still live in town (or did). Someone got them a cell phone, they lost the land line and here I am answering their phone. A joke on me. For YOU? Oh wow!!! this business of owning a property (as such) has really been all the downside you thought and little of the positive, hasn’t it?? And now to learn that the previous owner was a unsavory con man to boot? Good heck. Glad you could sic that debt collector on that ugly woman though. And I’m tilting at windmills today so I’m going to say – karma might not exist for you, but you got Her to go visit someone who deserved a kick in the ass all the same. For that horrible woman, yeah Karma is coming. Isn’t that a hoot though?

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  2. Exactly ! I still don’t believe that what goes around comes around (or, Daddy Dearest would have shaped up long ago), but if I’m on the prodding end of someone who seriously needs a dose of aggravation for the bad Karma they have amassed? Happy to deliver !

    Yes, I do have my petty moments, even when I spend most of my time trying to be a decent person, regardless of how I’m treated.

    As for this house – I’m coming to terms with it. Still not thrilled to be a homeowner, but I’d also be less than thrilled to be living 2+ hours away, in the boonies, surrounded by strangers and easier prey than I am within the gate of this (somewhat) protected community.

    I’ve sucked it up and accepted where I am now. And, it’s not terrible. And, it might have been much worse. It’s all about keeping one’s perspective.


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